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Originally Posted by Althis View Post
nm you were just kidding

Robert's ignorance of brands and fashion after being here for a while and accumulating so many posts is astounding

And you're being a pompous ass is amusing.
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Originally Posted by Pawz View Post
Robert - I don't approve of the attitudes some of the members showed you today, though some of them were, in their own eyes, trying to be helpful. It's all good; let us all learn from this and move on. =^.^=

I learned how to edit my thread titles! That's something at least.
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Originally Posted by musicguy View Post
No. It's called Double RL. It's RL's rugged country styled clothing, which I have no experience with in person, but is of a very high quality, from what I've seen on here and elsewhere online.

no shit sherlock - apprently your sarcasm detector is broke
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Ha ha, sometimes this place is just like being back in high school. Where else is conversation 90 percent sniping?
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PRL's a great brand imo but just too inconsistent. There's at least liek 3-4 different tiers of quality within just the Polo brand, and the website only has the lower two tiers and a few made in italy suits/SCs unfortunately. You really have to go to a store to see some of the higher quality, non/less branded and more unique stuff. I do like their basic sport shirts. It fits me extremely well, much better than any other brand, and I like their woven cotton fabric, which I don't see very often from other brands.
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Not sure if there is an updated thread but I couldnt find any other PRL themed thread.


Just made some good pickups from for Polo RL. There's an emailed code that ends today: "decmen" which gets you 25% off instead of the 20% being touted on their site.


Most of their good pieces were out of stock on Friday. Went back earlier this morning to check if they reupped their RL pieces and sure enough...!fn=SPECIAL_OFFERS%3DClearance/Closeout%26sortBy%3DORIGINAL%26productsPerPage%3D40&!qvp=iqvp



Some quality stuff I picked up for good prices:


Collectors Rugby! -


RLX Jacket -


And there's a host of others that you can get cheaper than offered on sale through

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Does anyone know why certain Polo Bear Sweaters have "RLyear" in the bottom left or right, while others dont?
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I haven't seen any sort of updated thread for PRL either but thought I would post. I always find a few unique items I like more so than some of the usual. There's a nice sized batch in of new PRL Spring at A few things I have my eye on like this olive cardigan and cashmere l/s tee:


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Hopefully this is alright to post here. Could any PRL experts give me an opinion on this cardigan?


Trying to figure out how good of a cardigan this is (it's up for auction and I want to place a bid.)

* I've searched around on eBay and found the same designed ones but in cotton or acrylic. Is the 100% wool tag on this trustworthy?

* What's the general quality of Polo knits? I know they aren't the best label but it's a really attractive sweater and looks like it has minimal pilling.


Just wondering on the general quality of this brand's wool knits and if this is worth dropping some money on.

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