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isnt "PL" = Purple Label?

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is "RRL" = Rugby Ralph Lauren???
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PRL makes two things which are pretty much the best things you can easily find on discount for their price. 1. Suits. Corneliani made ish, half canvassed or no, is awesome. Great fabrics, tons of patterns, a good variety of cuts from regular to ultra slim fit (Bleecker). EASILY findable for under $500 sometimes for around 300. I have 3 of them. 2. The $397.50 MSRP cashmere V-necks. Can be bought online for around $100. The weight is extremely versatile (can wear under things, or not, in various weather), it's not RLPL quality stuff but it's still very nice, especially for the price. But the main thing is the fit, slim arms, not too slouchy. I have 4 and, until rich, will only buy these sweaters.
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Polo Ralph Lauren makes a lot of great stuff. The cashmere cable sweaters (particularly when found on sale) are some of the best on the market. The gingham, striped, and oxford sport shirts are good. Shorts (madras, seersucker, etc) are useful in the summer. They tend to have very good seasonal pieces, particularly in the various retail stores (the stuff at Macys, Dillards, etc tend to be the very basic pieces). Everyone is familiar with the Darlton wingtips and what not on Styleforum. The fit of the sport shirts is probably bigger than Styleform likes, but the custom fit works pretty well for me in both the sport shirts and the polos. Some good fragrances. I see the line as very similar to J. Crew in terms of quality (probably a bit better honestly), and that has a huge thread on Styleforum, so I don't see why PRL shouldn't have one as well.
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Done. Hope everybody's happy.
Robert - I don't approve of the attitudes some of the members showed you today, though some of them were, in their own eyes, trying to be helpful. It's all good; let us all learn from this and move on. =^.^=
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Originally Posted by Pawz View Post
Many users here are defensive of Ralph Lauren. I compared RLPL ties with those under the Armani Collezioni label and several users freaked. It's stupid, IMHO, but such is human nature. (most) RL products are easy to acquire, so many of us have them... And is one reason why, I guess, it's defended so vehemently ("I wear RL, therefore I belong and so to insult RL is to insult me!" Pfft!).
That's because that's a stupid as shit comparison. That's like saying a Brioni suit is equal to a Calvin Klein suit because they're both suits made of wool.
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This has been covered extensively in MC:
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Originally Posted by shasta View Post
is "RRL" = Rugby Ralph Lauren???

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I had made a price comparison. The neckwear is very close pricewise.
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Originally Posted by srivats View Post
This has been covered extensively in MC:

That thread covers what factory makes what suit. Not really 'extensive' from a SW&D perspective.

Why the hate for this thread? PRL puts out tons of great Americana. Of course there is the wheat/chaff issue. Still, whatever the Japanese brands are putting out, PRL has probably done a solid version of it in the past.
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nm you were just kidding Robert's ignorance of brands and fashion after being here for a while and accumulating so many posts is astounding
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btw robert isn't even referring to the nice polo stuff, he probably buys garbage $90 polos made for the factory outlets the only taste/brand consciousness he has has been force fed to him through j crew catalogues..
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Originally Posted by shasta View Post
is "RRL" = Rugby Ralph Lauren???

Originally Posted by Althis View Post
rodeo ralph lauren

No. It's called Double RL. It's RL's rugged country styled clothing, which I have no experience with in person, but is of a very high quality, from what I've seen on here and elsewhere online.

Macy's and other similar dept. stores' RL is mostly the most mainstream RL imaginable. Pony sweaters and polos and the largest fitting button downs and trousers. Not all is bad, but most isn't great. They also sell Polo RL jeans, but they should not be confused with PRL as they're almost a separate entity, made to fit the place that Polo Jeans Co. (now discountinued) fit.

That said, if you go to a RL store, you will find the usual Polo sweaters and polos, but you'll also find Polo sport coats, suits and trousers which are usually of a much higher quality than the average buyer is used to seeing at dept. stores. They're also more expensive than dept. store prices, rightfully so.
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not a fan of PLRLLR (PoLo RaLph LauRen)... i've seen some nice pieces but it seems too inconsistent.
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