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Guys don't argue I am working on a replacement
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Originally Posted by gululv View Post
What makes me say that is this brand looks similar to Inverallan, but as discussed earlier Inverallan has stopped taking orders and will only be available from a few stores. What make you say what makes you say that?

He's probably asking because Inverallan did custom work and the aesthetic of those Howlin sweaters don't necessarily scream Inverallan alternative anymore than any other company. At least those sweaters don't make me think of Inverallan. Afterall, I'm not seeing anything that reminds me of the Inver3A (arguably their most popular one):

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Originally Posted by Razele View Post
Guys don't argue I am working on a replacement

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Nah NZ is crap I have scoped out another scottish maker who do MTO items and I'm going to do a shawl knit robe with them in a navy shetland plus some dark grey shetland crewnecks I've told them we are looking for a new inverallan
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What are they called?
Didn't mean to argue, but I think this brand looks a little similar to Inverallan actually. Not to that cardigan, but..
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We could have called out Bonner of Ireland (Aran), Jamiesons (fair isle) or even Inis Meain (aran-ish)... Or tons of other companies.
I don't mean to piss on your parade or anything, Howlin by Morrison might be good, but there are so many good knitwear companies around, but very few similar to Inverallan. What sets Inverallan apart from the rest is the fact that everything is custom made by hand. But no particular type of knitwear og style is synonymous with Inverallan. They made aran, fair isle, som crazy argyle knits and of course what ever the customer wanted.

Most Howlin by Morrison knits appear to be machine knit. So sorry if I didn't see the imediate connection. Though Howlin looks rather good. No question about that.

Actually, I remember a couple of makers of custom fair isle knits. I'll try to find the links. They would probably be able to do some aran knits too.
post #97 of 1233 john molloy hand knitted. Send them an email if you want custom orders. Pick the pattern, measurement, style of buttons, ect.
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Appreciate the contribution, but I wouldn't recommend john molloy. I bought one of these cardigans off ebay a few months ago, and the quality was mediocre at best. Low armholes, very itchy wool, and thinner than the inveralian equivalent. Admittedly, it wasn't a custom job; maybe others have experience with that?
Originally Posted by mellowfellow View Post john molloy hand knitted. Send them an email if you want custom orders. Pick the pattern, measurement, style of buttons, ect.
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My new maker is coming through for a shawl robe, doing measurements and selecting wool ATM. They are looking forward to working with the rest of the forum as well When I get mine I'll do pics and post a review and detail the ordering process for all you hand knit lovers.
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inventory stockroom is getting their next round of inverallen toques and shawl cardigan knits ... i have the red toque and the navy blue knit.

pricey but amazing pieces
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Surprised no one mentioned this (at least on this page) but J. Crew sells Inverallan sweaters now
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really??? where?
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I'm waiting, razele..
Mandon Store, how's the quality?
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