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Had been waffling between Wine and Loden. Ended up ordering a 6a in Loden from Mandon. Thanks for the heads up Zissou.
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My 6A in Culdaff is sitting in customs. Seems like I get it just in time for Christmas.
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Received my Culdaff (single) 3A '40 today. Great great piece, but I'm a 38R suit, and this is a tad small. Probably would have been better suited with a 42, but this one should stretch enough if I want it to. Plus to my eye there's something more acceptable to a slim fitting 3A than a slim fitting 6A.

real question is whether to grab a standard color 6A (probably navy -- yes, just like the Culdaff -- I'm pale as hell and wear almost all dark blues and browns) in a more relaxed 42 fit.
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Took advantage of the sale at Mandon, got myself the 3a in charcoal, thanks for the notice zissou. This is my second Inverallan sweater and I might get myself a third one next year, but I do suspect that I'll end up blowing my entire knitwear budget on one of Drake's cashmere cardigans when I go to London in February.
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Does anyone know if Mandon sends any kind of order/shipping confirmation email? Kind of surprised I haven't heard anything from my order on Thursday. Card has been charged though, so it looks like it went through.
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No, they don't. But shipping is pretty quick.
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I had a shipping confirmation from Mandon. They shipped out on Friday, and it already cleared customs in LA this morning.
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Mine's been sitting as "shipping information received" since the 14th. Contacted them earlier today to find out if it's with DHL or still at the store.

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Got my 6A today. I remember it being talked about, will it stretch? Regretting I didn't size up more, 40 was a bit short, and quite slim in the arms. Knit itself is amazing, though. Incredibly thick.
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Got my 6A from Mandon the other day, really liking it so far.

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it's settled, you need to be on the slim side to wear these. anyone else and they are too tight.

looks good ^
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Not really, but okay.
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well the bigger fellas who sized correctly must not be taking pictures
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6A 40
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Originally Posted by Regg View Post

well the bigger fellas who sized correctly must not be interested in having the rest of you nitpick the hell out of everything
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