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A few things, I was asked which tag I wanted, original "Inverallan" or new "Strathtay". Opted for the former but got the latter

Laghey dongeal is excellent. Gray-brown hue with flecks of white and orange

I wish the shawl was longer/grander

Three button/belt is more novel than utility.

Sleeves fit ace, body length is good

Wish body was a 42 because the width will need to be stretched, BUT because there is only three buttons and the belt is very static right now, it will be hard

Most likely wear it open. When you receive your knit, it is very "dead" and not lively at all due to the thickness and coarseness of the wool. This knit is meant to be worn to death.. foo.gif

Photos will be up later.
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i think chunky knits are my friend and helps with the proportion with my shoulders to hips. the length doesn't hurt too, in this case though it can give me an hour glass figure. love your own curves shog[1].gif

i would describe the main color as lead
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the fit looks good, but the detailing looks a little wonky to me - pockets should either be lower or not there at all, and wish it had more buttons.
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^HAHA yeah

I had no idea what I was doing when I gave the specs

it is warm so that is good, but i think this is just a novel item to keep

if i had a second chance at this, it would be perfect the 2nd time around. FWIW pockets are handy for my keys/wallet, and there is actually 3 buttons. it is like a 3-roll-2 jacket lulz.. there is an extra button that i can perhaps get knitted on for aesthetic purposes but for now i'll just wear as is. a 1-off piece!
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That is really nice, GT.

You had to special order to get the robe length? A one-off?

Would like to get my hands on one in Muff or one of the charcoals, no buttons.
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i would have changed a few things but the donegal is superb
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nice looking piece, toasty. is that single or double donegal?
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so i was ordered the 6a cardigan for Christmas from End Clothing and apparently the credit card did not process correctly and I was not notified of this for over a week and a half (at which point my size and color was sold out). Needless to say, I was pretty bummed.

how often do End Clothing and Mandon restock the sweaters? i really really want one for the winter months.
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that sucks man. I couldn't say about mandon, but i'm sure if you shoot them an email they'll get back soon enough.

so I got bored of trying to picture exactly what this crolly blue actually looks like without light interference and I came across this dude in a vest.

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I'm very, very tempted, but I probably need to size up from my usual 40 and it's a double Donegal, so it's guaranteed to be heavy-weight. I really like that vest in the post above yours, by dotcomzzzzzzzzz, and would be tempted to order one, if Inverallan were still taking orders (Lurking here is hard on my wallet).
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That 3A on ebay was mine, and it was sold in a flash for asking price. I still have a 6a to rock. I came to the conclusion that you really only need one of these knits in your life.
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Cool collab Inverallan x Ron Herman (JP). If SF does a group buy again, we should do something like that.

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hideously horrid
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