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no photo

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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

no photo


I'll have pics within 24 hrs. I promise. nod[1].gif
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Fit pic to come, but for now, kinda weird lighting shog[1].gif:

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Got my 1A in Buncrana today. $64 in customs fees. Am a 41" chest and 5"11"/185 and ordered a 42. Fits great though sleeves could be an inch longer as I like longer sleeves on a sweater. Not tight anywhere.

Sad that he will not have any brothers.
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You'd think that a company that has been knitting high end (well, for normal people) sweaters for a million years would have sizing down to a science. Guess not.

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Scots like cold palms?
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Originally Posted by chinesealpha View Post

You'd think that a company that has been knitting high end (well, for normal people) sweaters for a million years would have sizing down to a science. Guess not.

what? it is exact people just don't know how to size actual sized garments and the 1A runs larger than others as it's intended to be a looser fit
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Well, yes, I assume there is some amount of buyer error. But if someone tells a handknit sweater company "I'm 5'11 with a 38" chest, 32" waist, and long arms, and I want it medium fit", the final product should be right on the money. I think most people in this round feel the sweaters they bought are a touch short in body and arms, and maybe a little tight.

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These aren't MTM knits. They're MTO.
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I'm aware of this. Most just look small, is all. If I had exchanged emails with a company, I'd expect the final product to fit like I wanted. Certainly not a size too small. Then again, I like slouchier sweaters, so I'm probably biased. 


The sweaters are fucking gorgeous. But anybody wondering if they should have sized up already knows the answer.

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Actually the reason I posted was specifically to let people know that they seem to be TTS. Sizing up may have given me longer sleeves but would have been too big everywhere else. I also just got a Johnson's of Elgin in a 44 and it is way tighter than the inverallan.
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i sized up on my 6a. there's something about these when they're worn tts that looks... prim, stiff?

anyway, still wondering about the length tho. we'll see when i pick it up over the break.
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The material is thicker than any sweater I have personaly handled - maybe the sheer bulk gives it the stiffness you refer to. It definitely does not drape like my thinner V-necks.
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Yeah, these things weigh like 2-3 pounds and are way thicker than what you can expect of your usual cardigan. They are bulky and will by nature not drape/flow as smoothly as a lighter garment.

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Wishing I'd thought of the possibility of asking for longer sleeves / body, but only because I'm 6ft 3in. If I were a regular height I think they would be fine, and even now it's not a big problem (unlike say Barbour where their jackets are always too short in the sleeves).

I'm on the slim side of a 38 suit, but sized up to a 40 because a 38 was skintight. Even if it gives a bit with wear it'll not be too big.

The sheer weight / bulk / structure is much of the appeal - I have a couple of (still chunky) looser-knit shawl collar cardigans and a cashmere one, and this is more like outwear than the rest of them. Nice to have options, and great for layering.
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