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So I just opened up my stuff.

I'll try to get some pictures to show fit, but the 3A(culdaff) size 38 fits pretty well. I don't like my cardigans really slim like the fit I've seen on some of you other guys.

The 1A(muff) in 36 could have been sized down even, it's a bit loose, and bunches when I sit down
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What's your chest size? How much did you size up?
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For those you that received your sweaters and are located in the US....did you get hit with Customs/Brokerage fees? If so, how much?
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I got an e-mail today for an invoice. nod[1].gif
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Originally Posted by msg View Post

What's your chest size? How much did you size up?


the 1A 36 chest measures 19.5" and feels thicker than the 3A

the 3A 38 chest is 20"
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Got mine today, 6A Ballyliffen and 3A Dunglow.


After fear that I might have sized too small, it turned out to be almost the opposite. For reference, I'm 6' 2" with a ~38" chest - I ordered both cardigans in size 38, but specced with  1.5" longer sleeves & body than standard due to my height.


(colors not representative due to indoor lightning)



I'm pretty happy with the 6A myself, fit is pretty much as I wanted.


The 3A OTOH is a bit short in the sleeves, but I imagine you could stretch that out if you'd want. What bugs me more however is that I was aiming for a tight fit, but this one is pretty loose in the body for my frame. Not like the 6A is skin tight, but the 3A is definitively even less so, feels like there's an extra 10 inches of fabric at the back of my waist in the way of a snug fit. C'est la vie, have to figure out what I will end up doing with it. Sleeves are really tight on both, but they give out.


For reference, the P2P on these are about 19,5-20".

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It looks as if all of the donegals are photographing badly. I got a 6a in muff sz. 40 and the color is impossible to photograph.

My custom charge was $31, not the end of the world
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I'll take some pictures of my muff when I get a chance mwink[1].gif

culdaff might be tougher. I'm thinking I might have to sell them both because I'm really second guessing my size choices frown.gif
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My order is close to $400 (taking into account mine is a long 6A and any custom fees) foo.gif
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I received my oatmeal knit cap from End today, and am quite happy with it. I was reluctant, since it's one of my least favorite colors. But, it turns out that it looks great on me, with my red/blonde beard. Time to look for a 6A in oatmeal...

Muey- Personally, I think you sized them too small. I am about the same dimensions as you, and even my 3A in 40 is a bit snug/short (but it is stretching a bit). I think my rule of thumb is to size up one for the 1A, and size up two for all cardigans. That is, if I measure 38-39" in the chest, I'd order a 40 in the 1A, and a 42 in the 3A, 6A, etc. For some reason, it seems the cardis come in a bit smaller, but that just might be my experience.
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So, I needed a 42? ffffuuuu.gif
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

So, I needed a 42? ffffuuuu.gif

seriously reassess your life
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^Dunno, we'll see. The other thing is, Inverallans almost always look better a little oversized than a little undersized.
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zis, to your much earlier question on inverallan vs. "strathay" quality, I have one of each and the only difference in quality is the label.
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