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Originally Posted by jet View Post

it's a wool sweater, if you're sensitive stay away

Or wear something underneath.

I always wear something long sleeved under all my knits.

The hat is only itchy if its too hot aka you are sweating.
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Some wool sweaters are rougher than others, no idea why you'd get so aggressive for a simple question.
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No one is being aggressive, we don't know how sensitive you are to wool, so it's hard to say, but they are fairly coarse.
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@Find Finn wasn't referring to you comments as they provided the answer I was looking for, if inverallan knits are on the coarser side, I'll probably have to stay away even though they look friking amazing.
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i think the lop was referring to me
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You know what they say, argue with douchebags like jet, they'll bring you down to their level, and beat you with experience.
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run along now before the wool scratches you
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Wore my knit over a wool shirt and a tank today in -20 weather and I was toasty as hell. These things are awesome.
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$77 in fees for two sweaters.
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Hi guys.  I am new to this thread.  I gather that Inverallan has called a quits on the direct orders and that a bunch of you (lucky bastards) got in on the party beforehand.  Anyone have a clue whether they will start back up again in the future?  I would really like to get my hands on a 6A in Navy but I haven't been able to find one.  (I am in the USA, if that matters.)

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keep checking endclothing.co.uk and the mandon store, they regularly stock them

read this thread for sizing info
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Well the loden 6A I picked up from thewho came in. Size 40 fits OK with an OCBD underneath. Not sure I want to bother changing my standing order from Inverallan, so we'll just see how much of a difference there is when it gets here.
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You are a 42 CWI

I am a 40

But I bet we are both 42 lol8[1].gif
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Originally Posted by asaa1000 View Post

Can any of you owners comment on how scratchy the wool material is?

I wore my 3A over just a t-shirt the other day both outdoors and indoors and it worked out just fine. Never itched.
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