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Where's the order form for the knit pants?

Longer knit looks pretty dope too.
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There's just something about robe cable knits...

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Originally Posted by el Bert View Post

Where's the order form for the knit pants?

WANT inlove.gif

I would love to see a cable knit onesie.
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Women need wool too.

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Hopefully my long 6A did not get canceled. Will know by end of the year or early Dec.
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If the order was placed and there was no communication about it being cancelled, why would you think it was cancelled?
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6A Malin shipped. Will definitely take pics when it comes in. Jet how long did it take for the cardi to get to you?
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think it was 3-5? not sure but everything comes air obviously so it's faster than something like ground from NY for me
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you're right. i was told they do not make the long 6A and was special ordered for me.
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how much ya'll paying for shipping?
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$44 in duties frown.gif


charcoal, size 42.

the color is interesting. looks a true charcoal in some light, navy in others, or even black.

and a matching hat.
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how big are you?
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40" chest, 18.5" shoulders. these are VERY true to size.
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I hope mine comes soon. I had forgotten about it until now. I ordered around the same time as Teger, but mine is obv better cuz it's purple
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^ Ha got my invoice before you so nah nah nah nah.
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