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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

1 e-mail. It contained the order form and a short message saying that I understood it would take 12-14 weeks for completion. How could you need more?

Now I just feel like an asshole...

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Originally Posted by Nakedsnake View Post

Now I just feel like an asshole...

I think we all do.
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Just got notice that my 3A is complete and I will get an invoice tomorrow. Hooray!
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Sweater finished and on the way icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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No dice on the group order.
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I wonder why.....
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imagine how bad the correspondence was that they decided "it's our business to sell sweaters, but fuck this"
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When did you guys submit your orders? I am hoping mine should be done in the coming 2 weeks.
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Based on the toj thread, suicide worthy.
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My order was taken 8/12.
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So, SimonC ordered 11 days before jimney (8/1 -> 8/12), and he received invoice 12 days before jimney (11 days ago -> tomorrow). Looks like they're processing the orders at about real-time until that date. Assuming a constant rate of orders, I would get my invoice mid-December (9/17 + 84 days).


Of course it sounds like they recieved less a constant rate of orders and more a sudden, total glut of orders, so who knows.

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Why don't you guys just sit back and relax since you knew going in it would take 3 months to receive and stop performing speculative calcs re: ETA.
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Why not? I'm sitting here bored...


I'm not worried about the time, just curious. I guess I'm excited for my first knit :embar: 

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This is turning in to the TOJ thread.
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