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Originally Posted by msg View Post

6 ft, 170 lbs - 40 or 42?

Don't want skin tight knit.

Seems like you should fit a 40"
Why don't you just measure your chest size?

I believe these fit true to size
Inch for inch.
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Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES View Post

Jet my man. What size did you purchase for these knits?

42 my du
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would love to see some fit pics of those who successfully ordered, especially different shades of purple
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I can post when I get mine. I just got my invoice yesterday. Does anyone know how long it takes them to ship it? Haven't gotten any shipping confirmation as of yet.
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I'll definitely be throwing up some pics of my purple knit which I should be getting in 2-3 weeks.
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Have the fulfillment times consistently been 12-16 weeks so far?
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Originally Posted by jimney View Post

Have the fulfillment times consistently been 12-16 weeks so far?

I got my invoice pretty close to 12 weeks after. Might be 11 depending on when you count the start of my order (we talked for a bit before I finalize my order).
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IIRC after this thread sprang to life a bit they started quoting 12-14 weeks rather than 12. I think I have a couple of weeks left. Just want to be wearing my 3A by Thanksgiving..
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I ordered Aug 27th and was quoted 14 weeks. I'm hoping it's closer to 12
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should have mine in a few days

can't wait to throw the box in my closet
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man this has been a frustrating experience so far despite her "politeness"(don't want to get into all the details), they barely shipped my sweater a week after taking my money because she was on leave (ok so don't take my cash)

all my requests were denied and now they fucking sent my package ups which is 2nd worst carrier ever and doesn't bother to send me a tracking number either

don't think i'll be ordering from them anymore, will probably go with kanata for my next one
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Mine just got shipped and I got a tracking number. Not really happy about UPS either.

Where can you get a kanata sweater? I looked at some online and really liked the looks of them. What are they like in terms of quality and thickness?
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Just ordered an A1 Aran in Wine from End, since there's the free international shipping promotion. $255 USD, free ship to Canada. I hope customs treats me nicely. Might need some lube. Still probably cheaper than ordering directly, if it's 190 GBP with shipping.

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Does anyone know how much they charge for shipping within the EU?

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Has anyone been able to compare the quality of one of the new Strathtay knits with an older Inverallan?
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