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just went on their website, it says they have decided to retire. Can anyone comment on this?
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sad to see that.
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whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I was just about to make an order
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Originally Posted by Cheweh View Post
whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I was just about to make an order

yea, same here for fall-winter.

I better put my arrow moccasin order before I get double screwed.
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luckily kelvin ordered his in time
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Sorry to drag up this thread, but I received this email from Inverallan today which answers karlbalbers question:

"No we are not closing down only closing the mail order side of the business as we have a full order book, we are still completing your order. In future mail orders though we will only be able to offer any stock garments we have at the time"

So looks like it may still be possible to get the odd Inverallan item directly. Maybe they will reopen the mail order side of the business once they have some capacity? Its a shame, was so much cheaper going directly through them.
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^ That would make sense. Many knitting companies have gone that way and only make sweaters for stores and clothing brands. Much more money in that.
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what is their email?
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hey guys, do you find inveralian sweaters to be itchy? I've had some bad experiences with aran wool in the past, but admittedly they were with some cheaper yarns.
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I know what you mean re itchy aran wool, but I have found my Inverallan pieces to be fine, both with just a t-shirt, or a long sleeve shirt.
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I think the nature of the wool, it will always have a bit of an 'itch' to it, but some people don't mind as much as others. We'll have a cardigan and a variety of Inverallan caps this fall in our shop.
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Are you getting the red one again? Are you allowed to hint at the other colors?
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What? Has Inverallan been closed down?! Just as I was about to make an order for the autumn, and just as the brand was getting more popular than ever before.
After many years of business we have decided to retire. Many thanks to all our loyal customers.
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