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Anybody really small has got a bargain:
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That could not possibly be a Men's piece.
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Yeah, what's up with that ebay seller? 16 GBP??!
So, what stores in Japan or elsewhere (except Inventory) stock Inverallan now after the tragic changes?
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
That oatmeal is heinous who picked it?

Someone who likes to match his clothes to his skin color.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
That oatmeal is heinous who picked it?

I need to open a shop.

It's so bad. Makes it look Grandma a bad way!
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Well, it looks like 40 was more my size, not 38 :\\ When they say the size is 38, they mean the actual chest measurement is 38! I'll try the 6A on again tonight and decide if I want to try to stretch it or just sell it. Normally, I would just expect it to stretch on its own, but this is a heavy, tight knit.
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And, here's a photo. It's rather fitted in the body, and even the arms are a little snug. I could probably stretch the arms and body an inch in length, and everything else would loosen up a little in time. The buttons are just black plastic, so I'll probably replace them with brown leather buttons, and add a sixth so it can fasten up a little higher. Although, I guess I am not too far off from a fit like this: Maybe I should just stop whining and wear it?
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^or you can just sell it to me!
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haha, I knew someone would say that pretty quickly. It just seems a little strange to be wearing this sweater so slim....
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that is supa slim, more so than I thought
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Yeah, I think Mandon actually requested theirs be a little slimmer, but they sure don't look it in their photos. It's stretching a good amount across the shoulder in my photo.
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sorry to say I think you should cop 40 bro
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I think you're right... There never was a 40 in navy, though To be honest, what I really want is a 3A, but I hate JP prices. Edit: Too bad Inventory didn't do theirs in navy...
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zissou, is that navy or black?
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It's navy. Here's where I got it, with better photos.
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