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So sweet, but too small. Sigh...
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Something tells me there's going to be a red knit cap under the tree this year.
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Wish I'd ordered the red knit cap directly last year...but it was about 3/4 months wait on one and with it coming into the summer I held off. Buying direct the price was about 1/3 of what Inventory are charging.
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I had to come in this thread finally because every time I see that name I keep thinking this is a thread about Invisalign.
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sorry lighting is terrible ...

day after christmas with inverallan from inventory last season
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You're just making the wait for my navy 6A even harder

Just picked up some navy mittens of Ebay UK for a decent price.

It's awfully sad/annoying that Inverallan is basically producing for only the Japanese market these days. Usually, brands that start out in/for the JP market expand and become more available. We used to be able to get a MTM knit for ~$220 from Inverallan, and now they are not MTM and $500-600 from JP I can't even find any UK retailers other than the one small shop where I got mine, and it sounds like they won't be selling them anymore, either.
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What size did you order in the 6A Zissou?
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I ordered a 38, and I have a 39" chest. I'm hoping for a slimmer fit, and am also anticipating some stretching.
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Cool, thanks. Let me know how the size works when you get it. I'm thinking about ordering the cream one, but worried about the fit. Particularly the length.
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Just posted:

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^getting you some measurements
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Only M and XL left after 5 minutes! I'd be tempted, but that color looks terrible on me.
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post
Only M and XL left after 5 minutes! I'd be tempted, but that color looks terrible on me.

They didn't receive the whole shipment yet. More should arrive next week. +1 on the color
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Originally Posted by veloaudio View Post

Did they even have a 36? (just 40 and 44 available now)

I'm really late to the game with the brand. But lately I came across them looking at scarves and was thinking about ordering one until I saw Moo's last fitpic Still might though, just definately without the tassles. The sweaters are def my cuppa tea though.
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That oatmeal is heinous who picked it? I need to open a shop.
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