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Personally for me I would because of the shoulders being tight + I'm planning on gaining more weight. Since you do weigh 8lbs less than me and you find the way it fits on me ideal then a 36 should be ok. Are you normally an xs-s?
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I am in the XS-S range so honestly, I don't think I could go wrong with either 36 or 38. Might just go with the 38 though in the event of weight gain shog[1].gif
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Yeah when I ordered mine I was about the same weight as you and also in the XS-S range. If you're taking in weight gain then for sure 38.
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Aight thanks for the help, homies
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If you guys are on the fence between two sizes, always go with the larger.
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post

If you guys are on the fence between two sizes, always go with the larger.

I'd echo this. I'm between a XS/S and found the 38 to be just about perfect.
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sounds like my 38 is the right choice.
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These are some chunky pieces. Hand frame-knitted or hand-knitted?
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Originally Posted by VRaivio View Post

These are some chunky pieces. Hand frame-knitted or hand-knitted?

Hand smile.gif
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my "denim" color 1A from End came. 38 was the right size--I'm a small in most things, a XS in some, a medium in nothing outside of Japan.

good god it's such a thick motherfucker. I don't even know what I'm gonna wear it under. and it's beautiful, a deep, oceany blue color with flecks of other subtle colors.

I was not hit with customs at the door...could they be coming later?
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^ How short/long is it? Does 38 feel cropped at all?
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Not cropped in the body at all. Arms are a lil short. Lemme measure it.
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bottom of collar to bottom of sweater in back: 25". sleeves (17ish inches from armpit) are a little short for my long arms but it's not a thing.

photographing this is hard. too many red/yellow colors show up in indoor photos when it still looks mostly blue irl.

outdoor photos now that it's daytime (lighter than real life)

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my inverallan shawl collar jumper just got here yesterday. I ended up going true to size and the thing is huge on me. due to not having reglan shoulders it is loose on me even though it has the same measurements as my other knits. im pretty sad actually. this thing is absolutely gorgeous. thick, relatively soft (no itch at all), and the texture is amazing. unfortunatwly it just doesnt fit me well. Here are a couple fit pics i took (please excuse the hair. just got back from a trail ride)





here is another knit with the same measurements




Here is a link to the sweter

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that thing is a beast! it primarily looks from the pics that the arm width is big or that the arms are too long. everything else looks ok there imo. what's it like if you turn the cuffs up?
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