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Buying blender, but which one?

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Hello, I am on the market for blenders. I know nothing about them, save that my parents' Kitchen Aid beast-mode blender lasted the better part of two decades. I want to make protein shake/smoothies and other health food. I do not intend to be crushing ice. There was a thread a few months ago about buying a blender for drinks, and if those responses can be applied here, please let me know. 1.5 Franklins is all I can spare for this facet in my endeavor to be healthier. Some cheap-o ones? With a name like "MaxiMatic," how could I go wrong?
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I was just about to start a blender thread in the Fine Living forum. There is a multi-page thread discussing the finer points of $13k commercial refridgerators, so I figure they might know about blenders as well. Ive had this blender since late 2005: Pros: It looks decent on the counter, and the motor is sufficiently strong to crush ice. Its also pretty cheap. Cons: The design of the pitcher creates a big air bubble or empty space around the blades, so you end up having to add more liquid than you may need/want in order to get everything blended. There is also a design flaw with the glass pitcher in that the plastic base will not screw on correctly, so there is a minor leak. For the past year or so the motor has made a buzzing sound whenever it is plugged in. Im waiting for it to croak before I buy anything else. The problem with blenders (based on reviews Ive read while casually browsing sites looking for a new one) is that all the steezy and powerful blenders that look good on the counter and can crush diamonds are unreliable as hell. Waring Pro, Viking, and L equip all seem to have this problem. I think BlendTec's have good reliability, but fuck if Im spending that much on a blender. Then you have the lower range blenders like Osters that dont ever die, but are ugly, boring, and cant mix applesauce. I think KitchenAids are a good compromise. Something like this: But I know fuckall about blenders. Hopefully someone else can chime in.
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Go Chrome Classic. Waring and Oster make the best of this model. You will also want one with a complement of containers...i.e. food processor, shake cup, glass.
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Yeah, I think Waring and Oster make the best. Only reason I decided to get an Oster insead of a Waring, which was more aesthetically pleasing, was because the Oster had an all metal drive. Absolutely no plastic. Which be good.
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I have a Waring. Looks like this one:

So far no issues. I thought of buying a VitaMix, but didn't feel like spending $300 on a blender. Don't use it all that often, but it has no problem with frozen strawberries and the like. Looks pretty cool. Jar isn't that large, so if you're blending for a bunch of people not a great option.
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I've been using the same Waring Pro Bar Blender for 15 years. The last time I checked, it was identical to what they're still selling.
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There are plenty of beautiful, fancy blenders on the market but the Oster I bought in 1964 is still running strong and the only thing I've replaced is the rubber gasket.
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This is the "high end" blender for those who want the best of everything. Apparently, it will liquefy anything. eg: if you want to add veggies to your smoothies.
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I shit you not: somebody gave me one of those Magic Bullet things about three years ago. I thought it was fucking stupid so I just put the box in my basement. I cracked it open maybe a year after I got it just because I was bored. Turns out it actually works and doesn't suck. It makes a good smoothie and does wonders for incorporating whey into skim. Plus it mixes fiber supplements into water like a champ. The thing comes with about 6 cups and two blades so you can use it a lot without having to worry about washing. I put that stuff in the dishwasher all the time. Small footprint makes it easy to have out and ready to go. Awesome for making single servings. I use mine probably three times a day. Salad dressings, crepe batter, BBQ sauce, etc. Blender is now under the counter.

What it doesn't do: crush ice or chop vegetables like a food processor.

I think they sell them for like $20.
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+1 for the bullet. It's small and washes up really quickly. My mixing jars cracked and I've been thinking of replacing it.

As an alternative, get a metal mixing cup (like a cocktail shaker) and one of these guys:


The advantage is that it washes up really quickly and can blend soups in the pot as well. I made some awesome tomato soup on the weekend with it.
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Save up and get a Vitamix. It's worth it.
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I've got a Blendtec....about double your budget but it is amazing. Crushes ice and anything else you throw in there. Makes incredible smoothies, soups, sauces.....even ice cream.
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I've had a 14-speed Oster like the one in the link for the last decade. Works great for protein shakes, ice, etc.
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I brought the Breville Ikon. It works. You can get them refurbished for $80. It has a smoothie button that runs a program for 60 seconds and turns out decent smoothies.
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did anyone mention that Kalorik blenders are on GILT til the 27th?
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