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What's the word on Duffel Coats?

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Anyone know where a good duffel coat can be found? What are your thoughts on them this season?
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yeah, i'm looking for one too. hood + longer length makes them > peacoat for me. I'll assume you mean something in a nice heavy wool and not just some lightweight "toggle coat". APC and Hickey had versions. Both have been on sale recently, but only in black as far as I know. I would greatly prefer grey or camel, maybe even blue. APC retailed for ~600 & ~1300 for Hickey. Also, no real clue on sizing. I'm sure it varies brand-to-brand, but I know the classic Gloverall's are huge.
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Yeah I'd like a thick wool one. I just see too many pea coats, I wanted something a bit different.
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I've got this one coming my way. It's nice and on sale. http://www.yoox.com/item.asp?tskay=3...7TM&sts=help80
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someone is sellig a Bixby duffle heavily marked down, pretty sick piece trovata had a nice one last season APC 50 off sale on their website you can look in Barneys too, 60 off just started...
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love duffles hate peacoats

this thread will probably go down in flames like the other threads
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http://www.gloverall.com The MEGA DUFFLE COAT THREAD begins...
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Fine for now, but come end of next year you'll be asking yourself what the hell you were thinking.
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if they didn't have toggles...maybe
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I like the MHL and Nigel Cabourn Duffel Coats...not sure if they'd be something I'd wear though!
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I have FS a like new, Size 42, 1960's vintage duffle coat from Brooks Brothers. Camel color, zipper w/toggles, detachable hood, plaid tartan lining. It must weigh 10 lbs. I will part with this coat because I own a navy one just like it. PM me if your interested.
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Sierra Trading Post had an enormous run of Gloverall duffles at the start of the fall.
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I've been looking for a decently priced duffel too...can't find anything locally
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After looking for a while i eventually bought this one, the wool is pretty thick and keeps you warm, very soft also. Tartan lining is a bonus too.

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Get a Junya x Gloverall if you're ballin' (although I prefer last year's to the current one). ^ As I'm not, picked up an old RRL duffel on eBay recently.
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