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High Instep?

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Hi I have a very high instep and it is almost impossible for me to find shoes that are comfortable. The cap toe bruno maglis I used to weaer would just rub the crap out of the instep on my foot. I have settled for wearing these comfortable rubber soled ferragamos on a daily basis because I have not been able to find a shoe that feels comfortable. Everytime i buy a pair of shoes i walk around them at home, and end up taking them back, it just occured with a pair of cole haans. I usually try to buy shoes as wide as possible, but even then they hurt because of the instep. Anyone have ideas for some wingtips or or cap toes that are more comfortable for someone like me?
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If you buy shoes with a derby lace closure it might help alleviate the problem.
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It might be worth a trip to a podiatrist to rule out any medical problems (if your arches are high enough, it's considered a disease). They can also advise you about insoles, or measure you for orthotic insoles if they're necessary.
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what is a derby lace closure?
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any ideas on a cap toe with derby lace for maybe 400 or under?> anything by AE?
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In my limited experience, AE shoes have a very low instep. I have quite a high instep and the couple of models that I tried (Park Ave and one other) made me feel as though the top of my foot was being squashed, even when I tried on something ridiculous like a EEE width in a vain attempt to get some additional space in the shoe. So, with regard to AEs at least, I think that you should try before you buy if you have a high instep, just to be sure.
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Allen Edmonds' Last 8 fits a higher instep. Try on the Delray or the Rawlins. You might find them comfortable. I recommend you try getting sized at a retail outlet the first time, as opposed to jumping online to try shoes on. Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor both carry AE selections.
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Yea, we have an AE store here, think i will go today. IN my experience the shoe help (at least in detroit) at nordstrom wasnt all that great. Have to say PArk ave are my favorite but the 2 u recomended look great as well. This is a lot of help, i wear a suit daily and always felt like a moron wearing loafers, but these were the only shoes that never rubbed the crap outa me. I used to wear cap toe bruno maglis like i said but they destroyed my feet. Any ideas for brands maybe i have never heard of that would be comfortable around the same price? I was told at bloomindales in chicago that too boot is good for high instep? Journeyman, i have always done the same thing, buy a ridiculously wide shoe.
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I have the same problem. I'm really an 11 with an average width. However, I typically buy 12 or 13 EEE. For shoes with business suits, AE is probably you best bet. However, always get fitted. Every last is very different. Normally, I wear shoes that accommodate my high instep and don't hurt me, but I've never really felt like they fit me.

You can also look for specialty shoe stores and ask about "high toe box shoes." The brands I'm aware of are PW Minor and Niel M. Neither quite makes the grade as far as I'm concerned regarding quality or style for business suit shoes. However, they do fit my feet. I've also found Aetrix online, but haven't seen them in a store. Get fitted by someone who knows feet and shoes before you buy. Beware of restocking fees when buying on-line.

As a last (and very expensive) resort, bespoke footwear can accommodate your issues.
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I have really high insteps as well. On average, I find derbies better than oxfords, and Italian shoes better than British. My best fitting shoes are Santonis, but the price is high.
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A possible solution for high instep is Alden's "modified last". They don't make many models on that last which is quite ugly, but it works well on my feet. With shoes you cannot play around as with suits or shirts. The best or most expensive shoe will cripple you if it doesn't fit well. I am always disappointed to find that the best looking shoes or clothes don't fit me well, while those that fit are ugly...
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This information is wrong:

Originally Posted by 82-Greg View Post

You can also look for specialty shoe stores and ask about "high toe box shoes."

The toe box is not the same area as the instep. A high toe box will do nothing for a high instep.
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You can also try on shoes in alden hampton last.
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Originally Posted by reubencahn View Post
I have really high insteps as well. On average, I find derbies better than oxfords, and Italian shoes better than British. My best fitting shoes are Santonis, but the price is high.

I've found this to be true, too.

I've found that, as a general rule, English- and US-made shoes are "flatter", with lower insteps, whereas Italian-made shoes are often higher. My Santonis fit me very well and are very comfortable, even in a narrower fitting.

Of course, not all lasts (shoe shapes) are the same and some lend themselves to fitting a high instep better than others. I've often had trouble fitting into Crockett and Jones (C&J) shoes, but I recently bought a pair of C&J made for Brooks Brothers/Peal & Co and whilst they are not perfect, they are a pretty damned good fit. Now all I need to do is find out which last they are on so that I can see if I can buy some more!

So, in my experience, there is no quick fix. It's really a matter of experimenting with different shoes to see which fit your foot the best. As noted above, I've found that Italian brands typically have higher insteps than other brands but there are still some English shoes out there that fit my foot very well.
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