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C'mon Tigers. Don't be satisfied with a wild card berth. Get that Division title outright (and the home field advantage.) No ties.

Go Tigers.
Go White Sox!
Go Michigan! (Bring that "jug" home where it belongs.)
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Twins and Tigers: DEADLOCK

As out of a page from a movie script, the Division title is down to the final game of the regular season.
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Tied 8-8 in the bottom of the tenth. Best of luck to the Tigers, great to see a team turn it around like that.
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MRPOLOGUY, come out come out wherever you are..........
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I am here and all I can say is we got our asses kicked. The Twins beat us out. I am awaiting the playoffs on Tuesday!!
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Thats all right MRPOLOGUY, at least were not Vikings and Lions fans.
I love Baseball.
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One word: an unbelievably serendipitous series of unforeseen happenings. Go Twins!
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Excitement!! I love baseball, too. Can't wait for the playoff series, to begin. This season has been contentious to the end. And continues, to be. Surprises ahead, methinks.
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Congratulations on a great season, Detroit. Now get ready for a reality check and a first-round exit.
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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser
Congratulations on a great season, Detroit. Now get ready for a reality check and a first-round exit.

I'm glad we are playing the Yankees. When you play against excellence, you do better. I think we can take the opening game. Nate Robertson doesn't flinch. If he gets decent support from the Tiger bats, we have a great chance of winning that game. If we can come home on Friday with one win at New York, we've got a good chance of taking the series.

It has been a great season. No one, absolutely no one, would have predicted it. We are in the playoffs, and we earned our right to be there. As many have said, this Detroit team is one year too soon. It is still young and learning. Don't count us out.

The team that must be "down" has to be the White Sox. They, and their fans, must be thinking "HOW could the Twins and (especially!) the Tigers be in the playoffs and we aren't?" On paper, the White Sox have the best team in the Division. As bad as we Tiger fans feel today, the White Sox must really be down.
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I was rooting for the Tigers last night in a bar full of Yankee fans. I'm really surprised with Joe Torrie's Wong decision. And I'm surprised that the Tigers didn't pounce (no pun intended) on Proctor and Farnsworth. That ump gave those Yankee relievers some leniency last night, a couple of those were way out of the strike zone. One thing I truly hate about the post season (besides my team not being in it) is having to suffer through Joe Buck. Oh well. Go Tigers!
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Joe Torre's decision to use Wong first, was strategic, and successful. During a short series, it's wise to play the best pitcher, first. I'm sick of Joe Buck, as well.
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Oh no, that's not what I meant, Wong is definitely the Ace of their staff right now, I'm talking about Torrie pulling him with 2 out in the 7th. Myers isn't the guy you really want in at that point, and obviously Graderson took advantage and put one into the bleachers. I understand that he's (Wong) probably going to be going on short rest, but doesnt Granderson strike out a lot? I mean Wong would have had a 1-2-3 and into the 8th they go.
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Well the Twins are down 2 games now and not looking good. i sure hope the Tigers win tonight because that will make Game 3 a lot more fun when I go on Friday night.
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Hi Hawkeye . . . sorry, I didn't quite understand your first post. Thanks for explaining . . . you make interesting points.
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