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Bonderman needs to come alive. The Tiger bats need to be more discerning--enough with this "free swinging" mindset. And, it is up to the Red Sox to help us out (with a victory over the Minnesota "Piranhas".)
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Objects in your mirror are closer than they appear.

Twins Dictate!!!!!
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In my mind, last night was the nail in the coffin for the Chisox, both the Tigers and Twins would have to fall flat on their faces for them to make it. I just hope the Sox beat the Twins up in there series coming up. Detroit has been in first place since May 16 and we are not going back now! Last nights victory made my getting playoff tix a whole more closer to being realized.
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Both the Twins and the Tigers suffered hard losses las tnight. I know we play KC this weekend an dI am not sure who the Twins play, but I am fully expecting us to be ahead of the Twins after this weekend.
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Go to Google Video. Then, type "tiger stadium" in the search. Find the video of the remote control plane (with a small camera) for aerial shots of the inside of the beloved (soon to be demolished) Tiger Stadium. Looking at the dear old shrine, I can actually smell that distinctive smell that the place had.
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What a game last night. Our magic number to clinch is down to 2!!!
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We are in the playoffS!!! 3 years after a 119 loss season and we are in. It is a great day for Tigers fans everywhere.
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Very emotional scene in the locker room after the game. They'll need to tone it down to focus in the playoffs.

For those of us who suffered from 1974-83, and again from 1988 to 2005, it's really quite sweet. It's a storied franchise and one that has deserved better for the last 20 years.
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Twins hands are creeping slowly up to their own necks... a chance tonight to move into tie with the Tigers and they're being 4-hit by KC. Kansas City for gosh sakes!!! ARGH! Going to be an interesting weekend. Edit: I must learn to be patient...Mauer homers with two out in bottom of the ninth to tie, and the Twinkies pull out a 2-1 win over the lowly KCs in the 10th! TIED FOR 1ST. (Objects in your mirror may be closer than they appear.)
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Don't forget about this weekend big tilt, Gophers Vs Wolverines. Should be a barn burner.

Just wanted to give the cat from Michigan something to root for this weekend when the Twins take over 1ST.

Objects in your mirror are right on ya.
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I believe the the Tigers will still be in first after this weekend. We play Kansas City and have owned them all season. You have to play the Chisox and they will be playing to beat you. If we are still tied after this weekend, Detroit has the tiebreaker edge because we won more games against the Twins. Take that Twins fans!!! Go Tigers!!!
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Technically, you are correct. The Twins have an uphill road, no question. But what they have accomplished to get to this point, is truly remarkable. I wish you luck, with your Tigers!
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No matter who wins the divisions or makes it from both leagues, it will be a great baseball postseason. Nobody picke dmy Tigers to finish higher than 4th in the division, the Twins have been red hot and surprised everyone, the Chisox are out and the cards might not make it. It has been great and will continue to be.
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I've got to correct you, 'pologuy . . . Tino Martinez stated, flat out: the Tigers will take the division. This was, back in June! I heard him make that declaration, on Baseball Tonight.
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What I meant to say was that before the season I didn't know anybody picking the Tigers to do well. We were in first place in June and one could pick us then to win the division. It has been a great season no matter what happens.
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