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It appears to this Twins fan that the Tigers are dragging...and the small town, small ball Twins truly have faith in themselves. This next fortnight will be a very, very fun time to be a baseball fan.
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I agree with you Dakota. Nothing is better in sports then pennant race baseball. Both the Twins and the Tigers had great games last night.
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The Twins looked last night as if they'd sleepwalk through a rather ugly loss to the A's and all of a sudden they're slapping the ball around and pulled it out in the eighth. They are simply not making very many mistakes right now, while good teams seem to lose their composure at very inoportune times whilst facing the Twins. The insurance run last night (IIRC) was on a passed ball. The night before the A's outfielder threw to the plate when the run was clearly going to score anyway, allowing the baserunners to advance, which came back to bite them in the ass. And today Francisco Liriano is back, and Radke evidently threw without pain yesterday, so things might be coming together at the perfect time.
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Liriano is out, for the season. The Twins lost today. The White Sox, won today. We're in for an exciting, home stretch.
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Well, the Tigers got it handed to them last night. I can't remember hearing about a player who hit for a natural cycle before.
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Amazing achievement, by Gary Matthews, Jr. In order, too: single, double, triple, then a 418 foot, homer.
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What a game last night. Maybe it will put us back on track!!
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1 game up and now we have to play the Chisox. Our ounly saving grace might bw we get to play KC the last series of the season and the Twins and Chisox still have to play each other. PLayoff tix for the tigers go on sale Tuesday morning and I will be trying to get mine.
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It is very hard to play good baseball when one has both hands firmly clenched around one's own neck. We'll see who folds first. The Twins really have nothing to lose right now: no one expected them to be here, and with their pitching staff looking like the Bataan Death March, no one should expect them to finish the deal. They have got to be playing on fumes.
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What a great game last night. I can feel it now. I am certain we will make it.
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Tuesday is gloat day for Twins fans. Man, I would've scoffed at the thought of the Tigers and the Twins battling for the Central title, and the White Sox (tonight excepted) self-destructing. I heard today that if the Twinks go 7-6 the rest of the way, the Sox will have to win 12 of their last 13. I can't imagine what the Sox clubhouse sounds like. @#%&*(?"{_)(&^^%!!!!!!
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See ya Tigers, See ya Sox, Hello Division Title. Twins Rock
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I wouldn't count the race for this division over. I did manage to get Tigers playoff tix yesterday. Now all they need to do is make it. The Twins and Chisox still have to play each other and one team will be pushed back. We get to finish our season against the Royals. There is still a lot of baseball to be played. I suspect it will down to the final weekend of the season.
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Very fluid situation. Agree that the last game could very well decide the central division championship, and the wild card. White Sox are not out of it, yet . . . but they're hanging on, by a thread. Exciting end to the season.
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The White Sox are, for all practical purposes, out of the race. It would take a serious meltdown on the Twins part for the Sox to pass them in the standings. I love it.
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