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Open Collar Styles

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What is the best style of collar to wear open? I looking at picking up a shirt or two from Jantzen, but I wondering about the collar. I would most often be wearing it open rather than with a tie. Clearly, the best would be a sport collar which has a nice roll and no top buttons, but alas it is not an option.

I like the look of a shark fin collar when closed, but I imagine it looks rather unusual when open. I've tried to look for pictures, but after several tries at searching with Google and only finding shark costumes I have given up.
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I think that a lot of people will tell you that buttondown collars look best when left open, so you can do that. I personally don't subscribe to that view, and I think that spread collars with high backs look great when open, as long as the second button is placed correctly and the collar is pressed.
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I quite like the look of a semi-spread or full-spread collar when open. Sets you apart from all the other jackasses in the place wearing cheap point collar shirts worn open (unless it is a quality point, which you usually won't find in the typical setting, since we represent 99% of the well-dressed population).
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