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EP's Denim by Epaulet Official Thread

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Hey guys, We're thrilled to present our brand new collection of raw selvedge jeans. EP's is a new brand for us, and will be the more casual and rugged side of the Epaulet collection. I pasted our official press text below, but I want to mention four quick things first: 1. We'll have an ass-kicking website dedicated to EP's tomorrow. A fellow SF member - who is incredibly resistant to sleep deprivation - is putting it together. 2. We'll do an EP's and Styleforum contest around this first delivery of jeans. I'll get all the details and timeline finalized by Monday. Promise you're going to love it. 3. If the indigo jeans catch your eye, don't sleep on them. The fabric is true deadstock and it's amazing. I've got photos of a five-year old jean done in this exact denim. It's a feast for the eyes. 4. The jeans are a tapered straight leg - similar to the APC New Standard. We recommend sizing down one inch from your usual size for the best fit. Okay, onto the good stuff... EP's denim by Epaulet We proudly present EP's - our collection of raw denim jeans made in Los Angeles. Intended to compliment our shirts, sportcoats, and footwear, EP's have clean design, strong construction, and an excellent cut. Each piece is crafted in artisan selvedge denim woven and will deliver a comfortable fit and great fade. EP's is one of our in-house brands and is exclusive to Epaulet. Like our other Epaulet pieces, EP's are crafted in the USA in small batches. Alongside a few basics, we'll release a constant stream of special and limited editions. EP's have minimal embellishments. There's no logo and no contrast stitching. The front has gunmetal donut buttons, button fly, and riveted pockets. Stitched bartacks on the rear pockets reinforce the top. Pockets are crafted in rugged hickory-stripe cotton twill. The EP's coin pocket is pefectly sized to accommodate a few cards and some cash, thereby doubling as a mini-wallet. A genuine cowhide patch is stamped and sewn onto the rear. It's really all about great fabric, classic style, and a precise fit. EP's look just as good with a sportcoat and wingtips as they do with a sweater & boots. With their clean and versatile design, they'll surely be one of your favorite pieces. The "Smith" fit is a tapered straight leg jean. It's slim without being too skinny. It has a small leg opening which works well with proper shoes, boots, and trainers. Click through the shop links for more information, huge images, and full measurements. EP's Smith in Cone Mills White Oak Deadstock Indigo: $145 14oz sanforized red-line selvedge EP's Smith in Kurabo Black: $145 12oz sanforized white-line selvedge EP's Smith in Cone Mills White Oak Streaky Vintage: $145 12oz sanforized red-line selvedge
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Nice looking jean, great price. Can you post the pics of the 5 year old jean in the same denim as the indigos?
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Originally Posted by djh View Post
Nice looking jean, great price.

Can you post the pics of the 5 year old jean in the same denim as the indigos?

+1. I need some new jeans, and for that price, I'm in. I want something that will last me a long time, and fade nice. would like to see pics of the faded pair
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Will do, just have to dig it out of my disorganized photo archive. Comin' soon.
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Are you considering doing a proper skinny fit? Would instakop at that price in any of those denims.
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Nice, reminds me of Naked n Famous
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Okay, here are the images of the faded indigo. This is the same exact deadstock fabric that we're offering. 5 years of wear. Our contractor is a hardcore denimhead, so I can't guarantee these exact results without some serious knowledge & technique, but you can see what can be achieved.

See full size

See full size

See full size
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finally a coin pocket that can fit more than a zippo. that aspect makes them even more appealing than they already are.
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Nice...good work man!
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These look great! Awesome price too
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looks great. is this mid rise?
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Thanks guys - this was one of the missing parts in our equation. We wanted something to jive with the rest of our collection and stand on its own. We're going to put our heart into this line and work to become the go-to source for US-made clean selvedge jeans at a fair price. There's lots of good things to come in the Spring.

Yes, the current fit is a medium rise. Not crazy high like some Japanese repro's.

And sure, if this is a success then we'll look into adding additional fits down the road. We'll see how this one goes!

Thanks to everyone who's ordered so far. Our denim packaging is coming tomorrow (oh man, you're gonna like that), so we'll be able to ship tomorrow evening.
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Originally Posted by constantine. View Post
looks great. is this mid rise?

FWIW, I just compared the size charts of these to the APC NS size chart on Context, and pretty much all measurements are identical (for a 31 NS and 32 EP). Would seem that the thigh is slightly slimmer in these.

Really great looking jeans, trying very hard to resist.
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omg what size what size. size 30 I think :dunno: lookin good though, a cleaner look than the repro stuff for sure
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black jeans look great...amazing price here guys! I unfortunately have WAY too much cone denim in my closet right now. nor do I even want to think about buying jeans for at least another year.
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