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Have fun at K-wood. Haven't thought about that place since I last went there with my Pitt cousins in, like, 1974. (The rides were all horse-drawn then.)
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Lol, it's a small park. They have about 6 roller coasters now. Have a Happy Fathers Day, lawyer dad.
I just left Moda. They are starting with shirts and going from there. I use to shop their when I was in college. That was around the time all the rides were horse-drawn and Kenny Wood.
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Man, the Jackrabbit might not be horse-drawn, but that double-dip still makes you fear for your safety like only a wooden coaster built during the Wilson Administration can.
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WvG shirt and shorts. Perfect day to wear these linen shorts to a BBQ. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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You said the dots are in the front of the queue but have they actually gone into production yet?  I need to bump my order up a size if still possible.

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All the dots have been cut and are in sewing. Nice look , k9n
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You guys had sweat shorts last season i believe. Are they coming back in the upcoming months for the f/w? Also, do you have any plans for sweatpants?

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I am making updated versions with an incredible fabric in sweat knickers and sweat pants.

Had an amazing fathers day with my daughter, girlfriend, and mom. Took a bunch of pics on on Instagram if anyone wants to check them out. Wolf vs Goat is the name. Kennywood pics for anyone who's been there. It was perfect all in all . I didn't wait for one ride the whole day!
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Dots and most other special order ship at the end of the week to me. I will get them ALL out early next week.
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

... when the shirts are ready they will be shipped out to everyone except Bubba and Poppa. They are horrible people and make my life miserable.
That's actually True.
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Update on my dandy work pants, worn mostly while rock climbing

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The fabric for the summer / Transition poll arrived today. I will be emailing people that ordered shirts !!! Dot's will ship next week as well as other special orders.
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Good news some fabrics were in stock I got the last lot of a few colors so some people who thought they wouldn't get a shirt are now getting a shirt.
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Which fabrics would you be referring to?
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