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lol what else is new
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All small sweaters are gone. Sad.
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Got an LinkedIn invitation from Mauro o.O
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Originally Posted by reezy View Post

All small sweaters are gone. Sad.

That damn RKD strikes again
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LOL stop stirring the pot son ... those spring sweaters were only available in medium at this time.

im not sure if and when other sizes made it to production. only mauro can answer that
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Sweaters are gone. We only have what we have.

So the cats out of the bag. Tote holders get a flat 50% no matter what. I can 1500% say no one will really come close to use in terms of quality of fabrics and construction at the price point I am offering everything at. I hope the current 300 tote holders ( and counting) will pass the good word so we can build up to the magic number. Anyone who promotes the tote program in their signature will receive some kind of random treats like free shipping and shit like that.

Pierce, if I have them two pinks in stock I will pull them. I have an extra fine pinpoint in pink with a spread collar if you want that instead of the oxford. I haven't put it up on the web yet because I don't have a picture of it. I also have received all my samples from my showroom.
Any locals that want to swing buy and check anything out they may do so. I am also looking for a guy with a 31 waist around 6 ft and medium in my shirts ( local). I am doing a product shot photo shoot. You will be paid handsomely in clothing. that's about it. Just email me at
I appreciate the support except for the following people-


You mother fuckers are horrible people and give the human species a bad name.


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That's rude
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Just bought my 5th bamboo tee. M eggplant lying around Mauro? I want the complete set.
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love this shirt - was perfectly comfortable with the early summer weather today
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U sexy thang.
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I wore my joker pants today.

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You have ugly carpet. If you wore your joker pants in DC today you would have lost 10 lbs in sweat and your legs and balls would have been itching some kind of fierce. Kinda like that time in Shanghai with the hookers.
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#8 longwings?
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im glad i wasnt included in that list icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

yeah mauro ill swing by and look at what you got left in stock
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Any chance the navy anchor print will be restocked in before-dinner small button down or are they gone for good? 

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