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Thanks for the info. I can't complain as I am a Large BD, and I'm slowly learning there are less people in that size (as opposed to the small/medium/xs). Anyway, I'll remain a loyal customer. LOVE THE SHIRTS!

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Blue dot + Thermal ordered! Feeding the addiction yet again.
Will try and post proper pics after I get it.
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I can't wait to get some shit for warmer weather.  Any linen shirts in the works?  I totally missed the boat on the chambray linen last year, and am still kicking myself.

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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

it's a good deal
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The aqua geo and sea green came in today. Ah yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Keep up the great work Mauro.
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What exactly are the differences in BD and AD?  I know about the darting and fit differences, but does a AD have a different shirt tail or anything like that?



Still trying to figure out what size to buy.

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Mauro. Can we do another shirt for the group of friends.
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Ecco how are you doing??? Is everything cool?

The AD and BD are two total shirts.

AD is slim but has room in the chest, armholes and a little in the back,
BD is fitted as fuck in my opinion. You have to be thin or in good shape to wear this right.

If you have a belly or love to eat food or are just a big dude that like a nice fit I would try the AD.
I am sure some of the guys can help describe the shirts.

Bubba- prolly,
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I'm down for another exclusive shirt. Let's talk about fabric soon.
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yes team sf shirt NOWWW
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How about a tote holder exclusive shirt or trousers for that matter ?
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Mauro - Good news about the line and the business picking up. I wish you continued success. I own quite a few shirts and a pair of the bloodline pants and really like them. Plan on getting me some knits in the future.

I like the toteholder incentives and early access to product. I'm not on twitter , and although I'm hardly on Facebook and rarely on Instagram, I do have your sites on there. Even with that though, there's sometimes a gap between when information/photos are posted on those sites and when they are posted on here and I also find that that usually leads to a gap between when people are purchasing them "behind the scenes" and when the professional photos are taken and the products are officially available for purchase through the toteholder newsletter or webshop. This usually means that the popular sizes are getting sold out well before the newsletters go out. This doesn't happen all the time, but it happens from time to time, for instance with the popular new print shirts that were just released.

I'm not sure you need a PR guy, rather someone to help get all the other stuff taken care of since you're busy doing your thang. I might be alone here, but I would much rather wait a longer period of time to see or have the products available for purchase until so that all the details are disclosed (materials, special sizing recommendations, etc.) and all the professional photos of the products have been taken and the newsletter or SF site announcements happen. Since I am not close to you or don't have the opportunity to see your products or try your products first hand, I need to rely upon the information posted about the details and the photos to judge whether or not a particular product is for me and decide whether or not to purchase.

For example, right now the pin dots are selling out and that cool anchor shirt RKD posted above just dropped, yet I have no idea what the material is made of and never received notice until I saw on SF that people have been buying them up by contacting Mauro direct and that most sizes have already sold out.

That's the one thing I hope can get a little bit more systematic so I can more easily purchase the products I want general e-commerce style.
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I would say RKD is a pretty good "unofficial PR-man" he usually posts to SF after something has been mentioned on FB or Twitter.

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^ pretty well thought out advice there.
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Originally Posted by B0Bs4g3t View Post

I would say RKD is a pretty good "unofficial PR-man" he usually posts to SF after something has been mentioned on FB or Twitter.

RKD has billable hours to fill so he's not always available but he tries his best which is good enough 95% of the time.
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