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Here's a fit pic of the BD Large.  Definitely need to size up haha.  

B0Bs4g3t - I'm not sure which season it is.  Hopefully the XL AD works out better.


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What are your measurements, CPaul?
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I've never been measured before by a tailor, but with just took some measurements myself:

chest: 42 in

sleeve: 26 in

(6' 4" 195 lbs)

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You can't accurately measure yourself bruh
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Do we still need to PM you for buttons?
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Mauro I'm dying for those polka dot shirts you posted! Can't wait! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I am sold out of a lot of the dots already. What size and color do you want?
XS and SMALL are gone. However more are on the way.
I have the tencel's in stock but not many. The ones you don't want to miss out on are the lavender twill and the sea green end on end.
Mark my words.


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Will we be getting another tote-holder email about the polka dot shirts? Basically what I'm asking is when can we buy them through your site?

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fuuuuuu my polkadots...... :'(
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I will put them up on the site when I get good pics. I will send out a newsletter for what remains of the new shirts Monday. This will include the dots.
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Mauro, you alive man? How was the tradeshow?
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Oh shit I was too late
I needed small in BD lol...damn you RKD baldy[1].gif

EDIT: I will email you immediately next time I see shirts posted on your facebook lol...
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RKD is an animal.
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Medium's and XL's BD rockers if you want some dots give me a heads up. I have a grand total of 3 pieces left.
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Could I get a medium BD in the light blue polka dots? Lemme know if posting here is enough to reserve one or if I should drop an email. Hope they're still there, looks great.
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