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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

How the fuck did you get so tall?


It's my mother's German/Norwegian roots. But she herself is only 5'8.


Might cop some shirts for my dad if the 50% is still around.


edit: lol and johngalt.

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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

I would if I could, but I live in California. In the Bay Area. And I'm not a celebrity and don't donate $23498203498234 to the county sheriff so CCW is impossible for me. I'm a 1911 guy, and I've gone through a couple ARs and built up an AK.

Any particular recommendations on ranges for rifles? I've been to the one in SSF and San Leandro. I'm not sure if the SSF one allows rifles but the San Leandro one allows them outdoors but they are next door to a garbage dump.
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^^ That sucks.

A group of us are building AR's. I am doing something similar to the v5-300 AAC Blackout. I want to use it for hunting and a .223 and 5.56 are cutting the mustard. Something close to a 308 is much better for me. It fits on a 5.56 platform so I can swap out uppers if need be.
We have so many great indoor and outdoor ranges here.
The reason I was asking is because I want to do a special project for the guys who love guns.

On a side note I am thinking about trading in my Glock 23 for an HK or SIg. I love the way both feel in my hand. The glock is just not comfortable.

Fashion news-

I have two more polka dots patterns that I am going to use for a tote holder only thing. The tote club is 300 strong so I am sure we can make something great for you guys.


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WAIT WAIT! So there will be 3 different types of polka dot shirts? I'm so giddy...what will the patterns be?

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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

The reason I was asking is because I want to do a special project for the guys who love guns.


Great. More gun talk in the group text.

Whatever you make it needs to be called the Bogey.
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510kut: BLM, Concord (when law enforcement aren't using it), Richmond Rod and Gun Club, Sunnyvale Gun Club, Los Altos something or other (fuck I forgot the exact name) or drive to Sac if you compete long range. Sac has the premier match rifle range in all of NorCal - you'll see some serious professional competitors there on match days. There should be a short rifle range out near Pittsburg/Bay Point somewhere too but it might be trap only now I don't remember. Also depends what type of rifles you plan on shooting, as some ranges (per policy not law) don't allow certain types/calibers.

Mauro, you don't really get the most out of the blackout round unless you plan on running it suppressed. You live in a NFA friendly state don't you? Wait nevermind I don't think you do. Also, it lacks the range of .308 and ammo is can be spotty/real pricey unless you reload.

I've also owned all of those handguns and it comes down to personal preference. I hated older generation HK's (USP's etc.), but the HK45c is probably my favorite polymer gun (after some mods) in .45. I had a GGI custom P226 in .40, but I never warmed to the round - would have much preferred it in 9mm. The classic West German P228 without rails is probably the softest shooting and best balanced "modern" 9mm. You should also check out the Smith and Wesson's M&P line if you want to stick with polymer (Apex tactical and a couple other companies make great drop-in and fitted parts). Not a fan of Glocks personally, but they have their tried and true place.
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hk p30 9mm icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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That's a lot of gun to CCW though. Not sure if Mauro has.
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I like to shoot! But I've only got some Mil. Surplus stuff, a shotgun and a .22.

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Originally Posted by jackanapes View Post

OK so got my Justin white chinos in 33 the day after Xmas (excellent turnaround time, BTW). It is my first experience with WvG, and I am impressed with the construction and quality of materials.


One niggling issue, however, is that I'm a little bewildered by the fit in the crotch. I'm not on par with John Holmes, and yet I don't know how anyone but a castrated male could be comfortably accommodated in these pants. This is not the case for the other fit aspects -- thigh, waist, leg opening -- which are all systems go.


This is not an effort to troll or be snide ... I really do want these to work for me. But I'm curious about whether this is something others are experiencing as well.


Just got my Justin chinos in 31 - I sized TTS.

Waist is tight and crotch very tight so I share your experience

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I told everyone to size up on the chinos. I feel bad for people not listening especially people new to the brand but the last time I checked I was the one making the clothes. Believe it or not I know a little something about the sizing of my stuff.
Mythage shoot me an email.

Back to gun talk -

I will have a suppressor for the blackout. I understand the ammunition, platform, and ins and outs. For hog hunting it will do the job. If I want range I will put on another upper. It will drop what I need it to at 175 to 200 easy. VA has pretty great gun laws. Getting a class3 permit isn't hard at all. It's 200.00 and about 8 months of waiting.
I am getting a lot of great feed back on hand guns. I think I will just have to go to the range and put a few hundred rounds down field and see which one I like the best.

I am having my MKA-1919 customized going to mess with the gas system, barrel, and lower. This puppy is going to rock and roll.
Now I need to find a 30 round magazine. If I can't no worries a coupler with two 10's is still sweet.

Dirty my daughter has a cricket ( .22 youth rifle) and a ruger10/22 which is a shit load of fun to shoot. You can trick that thing out in every way possible.
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Blasting clay pigeons with the shotgun, an old Remington 870 12 gauge my dad gave me, is the most fun I've ever had shooting! I wish I could round up folks to do it more often. I've got a Marlin model 60 for my 22 but yeah, the Ruger has a shit-load of aftermarket stuff you can go nuts with.

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we did a little trap when I was in wisconsin. It really was a shit load of fun. I used a benelli 20 gauge. This puppy was a dream. So balanced and light weight. No recoil of notice. It was a real pleasure.
Not saying the shotguns I own aren't fun. I have a mossberg 3000 , the MKA, and something a little altered hehehe.

I will have 3 different polka dot prints. two will be for tote holders only if enough interest is shown.
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Well then. Suppressor + that round = super fun. I can only live vicariously through you (no NFA in Cali unless you are maybe a movie prop armorer). Thought you were in DC, which I understand rivals CA for laws/restrictions.
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i'm in for a polka dot shirt
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