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grabbed a hunting jacket and one of the new sweaters. i really don't understand how any of the jackets are still on stock after having gone through the BF sale - they are fucking spectacular for layers. the vagina fabric is mega.

the vneck wool sweater in in wine is really nice. the softness of the wool is on par with some brioni sweaters i have (i.e. you question whether or not it is wool, it is so soft.)

saw some of the new bd shirts too - great stuff to wear to the office and will be picking up a few.

mauro really needs to open a storefront so people can see and feel everything (the clothing, not the man.) it just doesn't always transfer to the web and even if it comes close, it still doesn't do full justice.
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Will we be expecting the tote holder email anytime?

Are tote holders gonna get first dibs on the quick fire sale which I heard will be epic.

For those who are still on the fence about becoming a toteholder do not hesitate no more. It will probably be one of your best investment in the fashion world
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grabbed organic cotton storm blue and olive twill shirts as well as 3 more henleys.

i now have every color henley except lavender. the henleys are just such a no brainer with the color palate and softness of these things plus price point if your toteholder. love my wine henley but i think people really underestimate purple/eggplant in the tees and henleys. its a really sick color in person. not really purple but more of a blueish hue that really pops. navy and charcoal are just standard all around easy colors. wine and purple are where its at. if i wasnt so pale, id grab lavender too foo.gif

johngalt and i went over some of the stuff thats gonna be available for the upcoming fire sale ... lots of great stuff from previous season ESP if you are a lucky one-off size. prices are crazy low haha. dont know what mauro is thinking happy.gif. look out for some sick deals on chinos too from this season as well!!!
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First time posting on this thread just wanted to say thanks to my man Mauro, for all of you people that give the man a hard time on your shirts not fitting or not receiving your shipments fast enough, I always receive my shipments on time, and if you have a problem with an order which i just had that i wont even go into detail about the man will take care of you! Got my hunting jacket Mauro love it the only problem I've got now is that Jr. wants one too! Again thanks as always man. 

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^ Agreed.

JJ Cobretti.
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firesale is live ... check your toteholder email. button down shirts are like $36 bucks each icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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fuck yeah - order placed
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Hm... I have a tote but didn't see an e-mail.

Maybe it's for the better. My wallet probably can't take much more of a beating...

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me too
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Originally Posted by JohnGalt View Post

fuck yeah - order placed

lol mauro was holding out on us tongue.gif
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presale for toteholders lasts till tuesday

if ur not a toteholder, you better do it quick since mauro is killing the program after the new year
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Got the red and navy predator chinos. (those are the slimmer ones right? the pictures look opposite, but size chart and description say slim). All the shirts I wanted weren't available in my size, darn. I'm flying out Thurs night, hopefully my stuff gets here in time =p. Otherwise USPS will just have to hold it til after winter break haha.
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yes predator are slimmer. i cant remember but i think the issue was that the justin have a wider leg opening so i wore boots but with predator i couldnt wear boots so they looked baggier since they all came standard length
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The fire sale is out of control.  Predator chino, Hooligan Sweater, and City short for 120.  Unbelievable.


I wish I was skinny as fuck and that hunting jacket fit me.

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I'm trying to order but it says street address not valid with postal code?
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