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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

I agree AD is very comfortable and still slim. If he wants it darted he can always do that it's the easiest of alterations.
I was made aware that a few people returned items with out a note. Now if I am in LA how the hell are we going to help you get what you need?
Notes are critical to move things along to provide the best customer service possible. I bent a little for you now could you please take the 1 minute out of your day to let use know what you want on the packing slip so we can do our job?

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Nope, Doc is picking me up from the airport. Then we will eat like pigs and walk around. It seems like I am the only person who loves to walk around LA.
I need the names of some really yummy restaurants to try.
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roscoe's chicken and waffles
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Indigo Herringbone Chambray AD L

I'm not sorry for the bathroom pics.

Mauro, I think I can go with the BD now that I've lost a bit a weight. Is this particular shirt cut a bit fuller? Feels a bit more roomier than my other AD Ls but it might be because I haven't washed this shirt yet.

Thanks for the BBQ, we got to do it again soon.
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^HAWT. The chambray is an awesome shirt...though the twill is competing with it for my favorite.

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the tees are fucking ridiculous. i just ordered more - couldn't contain myself.
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In LA now. Getting some serious work done. I do need hang out spots if any LA people would be kind enough to help.
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mauro go to Animal (restaurant) if you havent already
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Foursquare helps my aging mind again.

Father's office. They had great craft beers. I also heard the burgers there are great. I think there are two locations.
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Wine Henley in XL - I'm 6', 160, 38/39, enjoy firearms, long walks on the beach, and scrapbooking.

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great pic! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

if i am correct, i believe we are doing a photo shoot this weekend of the new spread collars, button down shirts, tees, henleys, and thermals
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Go to Animal and report back. I've been meaning to go but never find the time.

Father's Office is also good. Burger is yum. Fries and I think sweet potato fries are good.
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Great fit pic. Will go to animal.
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mauro - i placed an order yesterday, why hasn't it shipped yet? ffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gif
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Just got my Kickass Blue Overdye in size Medium. It's seriously awesome- the fit is spot on (length is perfect to tuck in or let it hang) and I'm loving the MOP buttons. Seriously, it was a eargasm when I set the shirt down on one of the desks and hear the clinking of the buttons. It's pretty difficult finding serious quality shirting over here in S. Korea. Korean men are built like sticks and all seem to have the arms of a T-Rex. Many other places use shitty polyester blend fabric. The quality of this shirt is phenomenal. I can see myself growing and aging with it.

Mauro provided amazing customer service and the item was shipped internationally with no issues. I received it in about 12 days. I am extremely satisfied and will definitely make another purchase. Perhaps even go tote-holder status.


Thanks again for everything Mauro! You rock! 



Fit pic below.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


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