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RKD I believe in you. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone, you saucy Korean.

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Looks good RKD. You convinced another skinny asian to order something.
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mauro in the thermal henley
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Originally Posted by randomkoreandude View Post

mauro in the thermal henley

That is the weirdest perm I've ever seen.
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Finally got around to picking my stuff up from the post office.

Random comments in no particular order...


1) Cashmere - wow. Easily twice as heavy as the typical stuff from J Crew or Banana Republic... I've only worn it once so far, but I can tell it's a high quality piece that's going to last me a long time.

2) Merino - just as soft as the cashmere, loving it!

3) I'm not really a shirt guy, but I won a free overdye and these things are amazing! The material is a lot thicker than I thought it'd be and I really do have to echo what others have said - they're a lot nicer seeing them in person. Whoever took product pictures must've aimed a flash directly on the product, because these things are not as shiny as they appear on the website. The eggplant is a lot more muted and closer in color to the plum sweater, which is a darker/deeper shade of purple.


Considering that these were my first WvG items, I came away quite impressed.

Looking forward to sweaters in Fall 2013... damn you Mauro for making me want to spend more money tounge.gif

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Don't judge me or my hair!
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Looking good in the Henley Mauro!

Is that the eggplant? I've dropped you a text do let me know when u have the time smile.gif

Bring on spring 13 already!

Side note: nearly had a heart attack watching the man u game against reading!

Good to see you active again pierce
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Thank you for the good words. I am happy you are happy. It's good that you won the free shirt.

I sent you a text back. I am wearing the charcoal Henley. I am wearing eggplant today.

BIG newsletter coming up and it will be a very worth while read for tote holders. I leave for NYC tomorrow and will be in LA on weds. I am very excited to hit up some new restaurants. The food in LA has been truly on point.
I want to go to magic mountain , too!
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What part of NY will you be in? Currently visiting NY for the week!

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I will be in Manhattan. Cruising around. Picking up ho's and clothes.
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Originally Posted by randomkoreandude View Post

Seth Rogen in the thermal henley
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^^ you are one bizarre dude.

I am in NYC today .
Tote Holders you will receive a newsletter in the next couple days.
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Mauro. When you're in manhattan, is the water to your left or right?
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check out mauro's interview with forum affiliate NEED SUPPLY ... they also have some stock in case wvg's webstore is out of stock of something you need

Need Supply Blog - WvG's Mauro Farinelli Interview
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