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I have update the web. I am now stocked with a few items that I was sold out in.

I have more Olive twill AD's which were all sold out.
I have more organic Japanese micro gingham storm blue BD's
I have more olive gingham in BD
I have more lavender stripe BD
I have more wine waflle wool crew
and finally more v-neck charcoal and H.Grey

Everything is ready for tonight and tomorrow.


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What size are you after that meal? XXXXL?
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You have no idea. My stomach hurts. There was so much food. Your grilled turkey looked good. How did it come out?
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Mauro, will you be making this cardigan next year? Looks awesome drool.gif



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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

Medium for sure. You want salt n peppa or cherry slush. You will love them.

Salt-n-pepa all the way. I actually cannot remember the last time I was this excited for a purchase. I can't wait to lounge all over the place! Thank you so much!



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The 50% off is showing on the site but the coupon code isn't working


edit: must be live at midnight. the banner on the front page said it starts on the 22nd = l

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[post removed due to redundancy]

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Code is active now.

I picked up a couple of knits:

Plum Wool Waffle Crew

Charcoal Cashmere Waffle


Really looking forward to my first experience with WvG.

Thanks Mauro!

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Bought a waffle crew, my butthole is tingling for my first wvg experience.
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Are both hunting jackets sold out in a small?


Edit - damn I'm stupid.. why did I think it wouldn't start till midnight on the west coast?  shog[1].gif

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Picked up an olive twill BD. Thanks, Mauro, and keep up the e-persona! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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If you want a great first time purchase you are smart to go with in no particular Order-

Wool sweaters

Over dyes

Bloodline trousers ( size charts are up)

Cashmere sweaters ( please note it's does not fit like the wool. The neck is opening is wider so it to me a better option for work where you have to wear a shirt and tie under. The sleeves are a little shorter so everyone can see that kick ass watch you rock.

Any of the shirting

Organic cotton micro gingham is a steal and so are both of the stripe ( lavender and navy) spread collars.

Herringbone chambray

Olive gingham

I will be posting random twitter and face book posts this weekend. The first person to respond will get some kind of cool gift, I.e. free shipping or clothes.
Please spread the word about the sale. Thank you for your support.


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What are we suppose to respond with? "Fuck you!"?
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It seems to be par for the course this Holiday Season.
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Can the bloodline trousers be let out a bit in the thigh/seat? In general, is that recommended over bringing a waist in 2-3"? Thanks!
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