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Order placed. Thanks, Mauro.

I hope this thread doesn't degenerate into a fuckup like the Everlane thread, whiners complaining about stupid shit like stacking coupons. STFU.

Excited for the henleys! Charcoal and lavender, killer.
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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

Sorry biggrin.gif Been eyeing that one for a while, looks like an awesome color.

Yea it does! Gonna have to pick one up for my bday coming up. If ya don't mind, post a pic when ya get it in.
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^Might as well order now over the Thanksgiving sale. It's greater than birthday discount.

Just got 2 v neck t's, a henley, and the olive gingham shirt. Excited for these bamboo shirts.
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Tru. I wanted to take a peak at the Henleys, but unfortunately I have yet to receive my tote holder newsletter. Ah well maybe next time.
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Ramos, check your spam.

Mauro, we'll talk about this hunting extravaganza when I pick up me gear! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Code not working for me ... thumbs-up.gif
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Originally Posted by ribkin View Post

Code not working for me ... thumbs-up.gif


It's your tote holder code. 

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Picked up the eggplant henley and the lavender overdye.

Thanks Mauro! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Last month, I had placed an order for the hunting jacking in gray (size small) and it turned out that it was out of stock and the e-store was wrong, and I was given a refund. Well, I noticed it's available on the e-store again. I don't know if this is another technical issue with the site or not. Is the hunting jacket in size small still available after all?


I went ahead and ordered it hoping that by some happenstance it's available.

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Score! Thank you Mauro for the great sale!

I hope the sizing on these is congruent. I'm 5-10 160ish.

1x Bamboo V-neck Tee - Medium / Charcoal

1x Waffle Thermal - Medium / Charcoal

1x Dark Slate Overdye - Large / Before-Dinner

1x Cream Cashmere Waffle - Medium
1x Lavender Cashmere Waffle - Medium

1x Plum Wool Waffle Crew - Medium
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Originally Posted by k9n View Post

Ramos, check your spam.
Mauro, we'll talk about this hunting extravaganza when I pick up me gear! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Thanks k9n for your help. I did various searches and could not find it. Prior to Mauro hittin' the sack he mentioned I was on the list. Not sure what happened though. It's coo though. I'm glad I was still able to pick up a some quality shirts finally.

You folks that haven't completed the order yet, those are some awesome deals go for it! Then go set up your tent at Best
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

Please stop sending me stupid PM's. I will not answer ANY PM's until after the sale.
If you want a good deal and don't know if something is going to fit, DON'T BUY IT!!! It would be a waste of money if it item you bought ends up looking bad on you.
The sizes are the sizes. Go with the advice given. I just don't make shit up. If you don't want to believe the designer find a person you trust who wears WvG or any other brand for that matter and give size help from that person.
If you have one arm or one leg , I don't make stuff for you. I am sorry. If you have some fucked up Spinal issue the shirts probably won't fit you.
If you have a gut go with the After Dinner. Don't even think about Before Dinner.
THE JEANS ARE TTS. I don't know how many times we have to go over the same old shit. If you size down and think you are going to be slick you are WRONG, however you will kill all the sperm in your goofy body and that my friend might be a good thing because you are to dumb to take my advice. You shouldn't probably be breeding in the first place.
THERE IS NO STACKING OF CODES, EVER ON MY WEBSITE. I have giving you 50% to 60% off. I doubt that many quality brands are doing the same.
Don't ask me to hook it up. It's random and I think be taking a blood bath is enough.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Hey man, just wanted you to know that you come across like a real douche here, especially for someone who seems to be operating a one-man operation selling clothes, which by nature vary in sizes and tolerances. I won't ever buy from you, but you seem not to care about that anyway. Cheers.
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That's a fact. No one cares and I am a douche, obvi. Happy Thanksgiving from WvG and Drain-O.

PS- the Holidays have officially started and just to prove to you I am not 100% horrible why don't you PM me your Paypal account and I will send you some money you you can buy some vagisil for your mangina. Toodles.
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Now back to our original peaceful Black Friday sale.

Shipping will be a little slower than normal , please be prepared. Over Seas peeps. You know I will do what ever I can to accommodate you but if you go mega hog wild I can only do so much. I will try to get. A couple more fit pics of certain items up.

Things to really consider -

All sweaters
Bloodline trousers
Over dyes
Organic micro gingham button down
Jeans ( if you know your size)


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Do you hve the measurements for the trousers?

ffffuuuu.gif golden gray blood trousers in size 28 is sold out......
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