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As much as I love reading this quarrel, is there any way we can get back on topic and let Mauro and that dude work this out?
Henley's! ¡Andele'!
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got two heather crew sweater and the wine vneck ... soft as butter
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I wore today the cream cashmere crew with a AD chambray shirt and Dandy pants today when I went to visit the guys at "Need Supply". Good times really good looking store. I also had lunch with Teger.
Good times.
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I can attest to the fact that Mauro looked very dapper. He also dropped off the lavender AD oxford, which is awesome. Ya'll (I'm from the South now) need to scoop on the AD shirts, slim fit is 2000 and late.
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Sent you an email but didn't hear back from you. I haven't been receiving toteholder emails, has the issue been fixed?
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To my knowledge all newsletters issues have been resolved. What seems to be the case for most is at some point the customer hit a button that cancels their newsletter or signs up not wanting marketing. Let me know what's going on in your case. Please if you can follow me on Facebook, twitter, and tumblr. This way you are guaranteed knowledge of what's going on.

I have one small Charcoal waffle crew neck, who's going to step up and give this wonderfully crafted sweater a home?

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have all button issues been resolved?
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no because mauro ignores emails and pms tongue.gif
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All button issues have been resolved except for yours,JG
I should of brought buttons when we went shooting. Give me your address
and I will send you your buttons.
I am sure I forgot someone to to my knowledge everyone has been shipped.
Clothes and buttons alike.
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you're so old you forgot you gave me buttons months ago
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Lol. Digital needs buttons too.
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What's up with that jacket in the homepage slider?
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When is that sexy polka dot being released? My next kop for sure.
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The coat isn't being made this season. It's going to be for Fall'13. To much on my plate.
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Everyone that sent me jeans to repair, hem, or whatever the first batch is in.
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