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I could be down for flying in again.

We need to retain our championship belts and bet lunch again.
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Ok, I have a dumb/noob question: What exactly are "dandy pants"? What's the difference between "dandy pants" and wool trousers or cotton chinos? I did a google search and only found some site which said that they were "fitted" wool trousers...right/wrong?

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The dandy and slim dandy are different than trousers. The dandy bridges workwear and office. It's a duck canvas pant ( for now) and is made like a jean but has the asthectics of a chino.
They are great pants. The dandy is fuller and the slim dandy is slim.
The Rivera trousers is my slimmest trouser. They will be releasing soon. All of the Rivera for fall'12 are made of wool. The Paul pant is what the current to trousers are. the Paul pant offers more thigh room and a slightly larger leg opening.
The two chino models I offer are the Justin , almost a real straight leg and the predator which is a slim leg with a 14 inch leg opening.
amath- nice work with the plum crew. Great color. I have one for myself. Strong work.

The holiday party is not like the pig roast. It's a more mellow festive event. Everyone who attends gets a gift. Last year everyone got shirts and product. You will be invited for sure.

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holiday party was kickass icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

those sweaters look pretty damn good - I may have to have you bring one up on sunday (and then I won't pay for shipping)
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There are words for people like you. However, I will refrain. I turned over a new leaf and this thread is for business.
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Even if i am not invited I still might show up.
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sent you an email mauro
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holiday partay... icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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When did you send it. I haven't received anything from you in awhile. I did get your chinos.
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oh like 5 minutes ago. ill pm you.
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I got a purple cashmere and it's the best sweater I've ever owned. Fuck my plan was to buy one sweater to check sizing and then buy another, but the red Vs are sold out!!
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Here's some quick pictures from when I got home:









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Wine. FTW.
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Shoot me an email!

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holiday party FTW

digital and i want a rematch frown.gif
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