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Dude, keep it up and I am sure someone will post "the picture" and then everyone will see your red ass not burgundy face.
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lol ill call you tomorrow to meet up
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Mauro, hope you get your power back soon man, these storms have been crazy.

So, it's my b-day month and I'm thinking about some wool suiting for upcoming winter season. Are all colorways from the lookbook all available as pants or what's that selection going to be. OTR and made to measure and will the fits be slim, straight, etc? School me on available trousers I can choose from biggrin.gif
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Any fabric from OTR can be MTM. Not a problem. They evacuated the West Lawn , Again for another thunderstorm. It's suppose to thunderstorm tonight and tomorrow. I feel bad for the elderly and youngsters.
I will have a whole news letter dedicated to ordering fall .
MTM the sky is the limit. I have a slim ass trouser and regular trouser. I am working on a middle trouser fit now.
My trouser maker is the shit. I am confident we can make you a trouser that will fit like no other.
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I am going to bed. Staying up n the dark sucks. My GF is at work getting ready for the 4th so I can't even give her a poke.
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Based on your location, I'm really surprised you don't have power. We had it back Sunday
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Power: check
70 degrees and sunny for weeks: check
No storms: check
No lightning: check
Going to the beach tomorrow to party: check

So how's it going in no power land? Good luck Mauro
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I hope you lose a couple fingers today lighting fireworks.
Powers back on. However its suppose to storm tonight and tomorrow so who knows. I woke up these morning freezing my ass of and the thermostat is set at 72.
Thursday and Friday I will be catching up with all orders and stuff.


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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

Heather Grey
Charcoal gray
Forest green

Lavender( ish)
Green of some dark shade The mill changed their color card so I forget their new name .

I will give them all "WvG" names.
All Sweaters are whole garment from Japanese whole garment machines, made in the USA. The sweater in other words is seamless. So there is no real chance of a rip. I mean a bar fight or a skiing accident could rip the sweater but not for normal movement like a full fashioned or cut and sew garment. The waste of yarn is lowered dramatically with whole garment.
The yarns are the highest qualities from Italy. All the sweaters are 7gg. If you are interested in learning more about sweaters / whole garment construction gimmie a shout and I will answer you to the best of my ability. These sweaters are really on par with Loro Pinana. Malo, or cariaggi , fact.

oh my god i think i want them all.

winter cannot come fast enough
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i will def be buying a sweater. not cashmere tho, too $ for me.
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I making 8 pair of the jacquard camo shorts in Blue. The same color as the pockets squares. Anyone interested please contact me. The model is the" Rivera" short. They are a slim low rise.
9 inch rise
12 thigh ( 2 inch down for crotch)
9 inch inseam
leg opening is 9.5
Hand sewn waistband, waist curtain, Hand assembled zippers, Tailored belt loops, canvased belt loops,horn buttons.
Retail 360.00 ( non-tote holders)
tote holder email for price.

PLEASE EMAIL ME AT if you want a pair. DO NOT PM ME!!


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PM sent
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Don't expect a response anytime soon poppa dirt...I sent him a PM about them right after he posted and I still don't have anything ffffuuuu.gif
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Tote holder newsletter will go out tonight. Please be on the lookout we have 4 shorts left.
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