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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

retail for the suits are around $1700-$1900.00 Tote holder are getting a special newsletter regarding the suits and will be happy when they see the price tag.

phew. i was going to say, $1900 for a suit (RTW i'm assuming) is pretty steep...
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Originally Posted by Klemins View Post

Are you no longer making the Dandy Pant?

its coming ... dont worry
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$1900.00 for RTW is not steep when it's a solid suit. You have to understand what goes into making a suit - The construction, fabric, trim , and over head. It's expensive as shit to make. MTM gets a lot higher. If you want a descent half canvas suit or fused 700 to 900 is right. WvG isn't about that.
We only offer full canvas with a shit load of hand work. The end result is worth it. It's just seriously pays to be a tote holder.

I making the dandy and slim dandy.
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I'm saving up for one of those suits. I hope the RTW will be on the short side, or I'll need to go MTM.

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Yea also saving up for 1-2 suits. I'd need something short as well.
If we do MTM do we need to go visit Mauro personally in DC because that would complicate things a tad if I needed to have it done for the suits.
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Hey guys!

I am trying to win a Grant for $250,000 and to qualify I need at the minimum 250 votes. The more votes the better!!! If I was chosen the grant would insure WvG for many many years. I really never do anything like this but I would really appreciate it. Vote for me and tell your friends and family to vote for me, too.

Here's what you do:
1.) Go the link below.
2.) Click on "Learn More"
3.) Under the "Log in & Support" click on "Log in with Facebook"
3.) Log in with your facebook account
4.) Scroll to the bottom and in the search field put in "Wolf vs Goat"
5.) Click on Vote!


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It's best that you do MTM through me unless you know you have a qualified tailor that can take your measurements.

Thank you for your vote. Pass that shit around to all your friends. I need to win the muthafucka!!
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If I wore a 29 in the Men Without a Country colab jeans from a few years ago would I fit a 29 in these? Also, are these as awesome as those jeans were? Because damn.
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if you win, the person whose bright idea it was for you to sign up needs one of those red cashmere coats bounce2.gif
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Done! hope you win!

Gonna save money till my birthday too..
was thinking of getting a sportscoat/suit but not sure if im able to have a good fit(like a clean back etc) as im just givng you the measurements.. :|
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Done and shared on facebook so hopefully that gets you some more votes! All the best Mauro!
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Thanks guys. I appreciate the support!

The jeans are on pair with MWoC. Just different hardware and denim , naturally.
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Mauro My B-Day is in 2 weeks. Do you have anything exciting coming down the pike?
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