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quick pics that mauro took right after i tried them on

these are just to get you an idea but the real fit/official model pics will come later on
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Very nice.
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The fit is awesome!
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Those jeans are awesome.  I'm gonna sell my NFxBJ pair that don't fit me and pick those up.

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yeah met mauro after lunch and have been wearing them all day till now (although my experience has been limited to sitting in the law library all day in them)

fantastic fit and just really comfy ... again want to stress that the weight of these are great. maybe its cuz ive been used to wearing really thick 20+ oz denim from self edge but these are just great. slim through the thigh and through the leg but not ridiculously skinny

in terms of sizing, im typically a 28 or a 29. i tend to go 29 for formal/business trousers and 28 for denim to account for stretch. i took 28 in these and its perfect. tight at the waist button but not uncomfortable. length is a very manageable 35, which mauro thinks is long, but again i had like 37 or 38 length from SE that im used to, so this is a good length

noticed that mauro did not put a leather patch on these. i typically dont care either way but makes these have a really clean look

cant wait to see how these age

lastly (arguably most importantly especially on SF) is price point. if your a tote holder, these going around 125ish is a no-brainer ... no better bang for your buck. even if your not a toteholder this is still cheaper than MOST SF approved denim lines AND again more bang for your buck with all of the little features that denim heads can appreciate ... hidden rivets, button hardware, quality jap selvedge, etc.
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look great.
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yeah it does looks great. i'll probably kop a pair.
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Fantasy golf money.
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lol oh yeah I almost forgot to pm you our pick.
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Pierce, I am happy you are happy with the jeans. I am happy with them, too!

The rise is good, Mana.

I don't think these will last past the tote holders. I am really happy with them. The factory that made the jeans are making my chinos, shorts, and knickers. I am very excited to get them.
RKD was in the car with me when the factory called and confirmed that the chinos, shorts, and knickers will be by June 15th.
June babies and July babies will really make out well.


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I'm really considering to get these jeans.. but I need some measurements. rkd, could you possibly provide some basic measurements? I'm also a 28.
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^same here.. Considering to get it too
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sure these are obvi approximate since i wore these all day so there may have been some stretch so you should double check with mauros official measurements when he puts them up on the site/toteholder email (case in point my waist already stretched a little)

measurements using BiG method for my 28s:
waist - 14.5
front rise - 10.25
back rise - 13.75
upper thigh - 11
knee - 7.5
leg opening - 7.25
inseam - 35
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Great work on the detail and fit pics there Pierce. Props to Mauro for making a quality pair of jeans for so cheap.
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