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The over dyes should arrive today. They will be up for sale in a couple days.
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Spent a killer weekend with Mauro and the rest of the WvG team. Mauro was a fantastic host and I ended up buying 6 shirts, was given a free button down, henley, and a pair of sweat knickers. I really cant say enough Mauro and his customer service.

Can't wait for the pig roast.
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no way in hell john is making it down for the pig roast
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Thinking about buying a WvG BD shirt but I'm not sure about whether I should go XS or S.

5'8" 145lb
Neck: 14.5"
Chest: 38.2"
Shoulder: 16.8"

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What a fantastic weekend. Mauro is such a fantastic host. If any of you are in the dc area, look him up. Once you get a sparkling cider in him, watch out. The egg hunt was pretty fun. I only found 3 eggs compared to 40 his daughter found, but I did however find an elusive golden one.

I got to see a sneak peek at the stuff coming out later this year and it's fucking fantastic. Sweaters. Suits. Trousers. Everything looks great. Start saving your pennies. That means you poppa.

I picked up a few odds and ends that were hanging around in his cavernous storage area. The blue camo shirt is ace. The guys who bought the green camo wil not be disappointed in the fabric. It's so awesome. Once it get nicer out, I'll take close ups of the fabric.

Again. It was a great time to finally meet all these guys. Id do it again in a heartbeat.

Ps. The highlight of the weekend was after the egg hunt and it was decided that his daughter found the most eggs, she walked up to a boy about her age and in true Farinelli fashion says "see, i told id win!"
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Mia is a rock star, Fact!
It was my pleasure having everyone, I hope everyone will make it out to the pig roast. You can watch Mia eat an eyeball.
Pics are up on the WvG facebook page. Next year will be the 5th annual Egg Hunt so shit is going to get real.

Over dyes will be ready for tote holders on Friday. The new website launches on Sunday April 15th, FACT.
Prolly some more shirts will be ready. I saw the chinos today and they look great. The jeans are going to be ready in a few weeks.
That's about it for now.
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whats the weight on the jeans?
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What colours are there for the chinos?
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Jeans 13.75


Cayenne Pepper Red


Navy Blue

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Great! In need of a white and navy chinos! When will they be out?
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good to meet everyone this weekend; really cool that a company can entice people out to one of america's second tier cities with only the promise of spiral cut ham and bleach. Beautiful weather, cool people and of course Mauro does whatever he can to make people feel comfortable. Hopefully next year I'll make it out in time for the egg hunt and not just the pototo sack race.
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I'm about two years behind on this thread...where to kop knickers?
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Have u tried
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Man the blue camo looks so sick. Have to settle for green shog[1].gif.
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