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Oh man...paella...yum Anyway (sorry): what kind of green are we talking about here, Mauro? And when will you have swatches?
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The swatches will be ready in a couple weeks. I have to pick out the colors and the go to the dye house .
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I'm itching for those chinos; are they still looking good for the end of Feb?
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Really want the red chinos.
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Yes, they are on time as of a few days ago!

Check urban daddy DC edition tomorrow!
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just got the UD DC e-mail. mauro's making custom suits! and cooking for people while he measures. awesome.
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Here's the text.
Through the years, you've mastered the subtle ins and outs of the Washington power lunch. You've leaked intel over venison loin and handed over campaign contributions over platters of Pacific oysters (the senator from Seattle, naturally). But you've probably never been fitted for a pinstripe, three-piece suit over penne with sausage and red sauce. Presenting Custom Suits by Wolf vs. Goat, here to give you a bit of steak along with your suit. This inspired little touch is the brainchild of designer-cum-chef Mauro Farinelli. Show up for your appointment at his southwest DC row house, and as you talk fabrics, cut and fit, he'll whip you up a couple of courses—a rotating cast of grub like steak Florentine and all manner of pastas—and enough midday martinis to make Jimmy Carter blush. Of course, you'll get all the usual bespoke bells and whistles, such as working buttonholes, monograms, horn buttons and scores of fabric choices, from gabardine to twill to seersucker (the Derby's around the corner...). But because Farinelli made his name at the Denim Bar and before launching his own weekend-ready Wolf vs. Goat line, he's thrown in a few extra measures. Think button-fly trousers, slim fits and narrow lapels—even custom prints on the jacket lining (we're thinking a repeating Dita Von Teese pattern would be nice). From there, he'll turn your figures over to a team of Savile Row-trained tailors. Just ask to be measured before lunch.
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Pretty cool stuff Mauro.
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Innovative concept, guys. But unless I'm mistaken, shouldn't that be Billy Carter? Unless brother Jimmy had a secret drinking problem.
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Wow. Incredible news--congrats Mauro!
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yeah custom suiting would be nice ... especially in the DC area with all the peeps on the hill

any general price point?
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Mauro can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe he said $700s on up depending on material and trim; whether you want MTM or full bespoke.
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The suits range from $600.00 to 4k. all depends on what you want. Still working out a few kinks.

The chino ship tuesday. I think they will get to me on the 5th of March.

Thanks for the support guys.

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The cooking concept=absolute genius. Respect is due.
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sounds awesome mauro
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