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What's the return policy on the undies? Can I try them a fee times to make sure I like them?
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Originally Posted by veekta View Post

nice forearms bruh. do you lift?

cant wait for my tees to arrive tomorrow

you forgot to say "no homo"
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or did you peepwall[1].gif
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Originally Posted by JohnGalt View Post

What's the return policy on the undies? Can I try them a fee times to make sure I like them?

Maybe we should all post our measurements so we know who to turn to for sizing advice.
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stoked for fit pics
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Looks like I have to schedule for a brazilian soon. @Mauro should we size down on the underware? And would yall like detail macro shots?
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

No shit. I feel fat after looking at "notwithit" pictures. Who am I kidding I am a porker.
I think I need to head out to Cali very shortly we have to meet up and grab some drinks or eat some yummy food at Ink or Animal.
I am gunning for $20.00
You can choose your collar , shirt length , sleeve length each to a degree. Anything else is MTM and needs to be made accordingly.


You want a club collar with monkey arms +1 extra inch but want the body -1 inch that's fine.

If you want your left arm +1 inch and right arm +3/4 and the neck +2 inches and the shirt lengthened +3 inches sorry that's MTM

The factory can only make little changes to the pattern everything is MTM like waist , chest, yoke , shoulder slope changes.

Appreciate the response. I'm just interested in shirt length being shortened, so that sounds great.



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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

I just read some crap on reddit, again about WvG and it just makes me sad. People want to know why I get so bent out of shape all the time and the reasons are simple. People don't do any research and just randomly make shit up they don't understand. I don't think I can be anymore clear about this , IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION ASK ME FIRST. My email is posted everywhere and so is my phone number.
Just in case and 703.582.5966

Here we go---->

What is the WvG rewards program? It's me selling you WHOLESALE. For people who don't know what wholesale means I will break it down to you.

When I make something there is a cost to produce it and when that cost is calculated and I pay the factory that's my cost. Next is wholesale.

Wholesale is where WvG makes it's money. The wholesale cost is 1.8 x 2.2 the price of the cost I paid for the product( 9.5 of of 10 I just use keystone). The final step is retail.
Retail is what is posted on the website. Retail is the price a retailer sells a good for. I sell to other stores ( retailers). It would be silly of me not to keep the prices the same as the retailer. It would uncut the whole business model of retailing and wholesaling.
The retailer buys a good at wholesale and the marks it up to retail to make a profit and cover their costs. This is the typical model used in the fashion industry and exception would b made for private label because they don't wholesale.

With the internet and social media now being a huge part of clothing sales some brands have decided to stop wholesaling and take things in house. In doing this they can make a better margin or lower than margin and hope for higher volume to cover their costs.
The rewards program is my way of cutting out the retailer. This is good and bad. It's good for the consumer because they are getting a great price for a great product. It's bad for me because without a HUGE audience my margins will always suck and it also might hinder me getting new retailers to pick up the brand.

The Wolf vs Goat pre-order system-
A lot of people are worried or confused why I am doing this, One simple reason " cash flow". Despite what a lot of people think. I am micro small. I only have around 800 rewards members ( my goal is 10,000). This is why cash flow is so important. What is "cash flow"? Cash flow is having the ability to pay your bills,make money ,and make more product without going into debit or having to use credit. Cash flow keeps you from going out of business.
To learn more about cash flow click .

I simply don't have the customer base to provide stock. I want to! I know you want me to, but it kills me. In order to succeed I need to do a " cut to order" business model. A " cut to order" business model means just what in says. I cut only the amount that was ordered. Now with that being said I do cut a small amount of overage because there are always people who will buy later. The overage is maybe 10% and that's a risk I am willing to take.

The Gustin Crowd source model I want to imply is just a back end thing on my part. It will in NO way effect the rewards program.
If you aren't part of the rewards program you pay retail just like if you went into a store that carries WvG. You won't get whole sale. For the items I am stocking like tee, undies, and beanies you simply won't have to pre-order them because they will be stocked. I sell enough or will sell enough of these items that cutting to order just doesn't make sense. I cut will cut to order the wool flannels because they are fucking expensive. Which leads me to my to my next point.

Wolf vs Goat is a luxury brand. It's not cheap shit. I use fabrics that are top notch. I use construction that is top notch. If you are looking for a bargain you might be choosing the wrong brand. I need to stick with my vision and what the brand stands for me "obtainable luxury". The reward program offers that. I will break it down again if terms of one of the wool flannels I intend to make.

Wool $30.00 per yard ( takes 2.3 yards to make a shirt for me) $69.00
Trim ( buttons, tags, poly bag, thread) $5.00 per shirt
Construction $35.00 per shirt ( made in the USA)
Shipping $5.00 per shirt ( fabric going from Japan to factory and from the factory to me)

Total shirt cost $ 114.00 ( my cost)
Whole sale and rewards members cost $225.00 ( I hooked it up people like numbers that end in 0 and 5)
Retail would be $450.00 -$562.00 Depending on the retailer and the margins they have keyed in for themselves.

As you can see in the model the shirts is fucking expensive, period. The rewards program makes it possible for a crazy expensive shirt to be reasonable in the mens RTW ( ready to wear) market.
Just because I am switching to pre-order for nearly everything doesn't mean I am changing the rewards program or that my price structuring is weird. The price is what the price is. The rewards members are never going to get cheated on my end.
For the people who have never tried the product I have a very liberal return policy. I don't understand the hesitation on buying something because if you don't like it you can return it for a full refund.
The only thing I have decided to change is this which will be more for SF and Reddit than anything is, if you choose to buy at retail and you enjoy your purchase and buy into the rewards program I will retroactively refund you 50% of that purchase. I think this is very fair. It gives you a chance to try something on and get your size down before pulling the trigger on the rewards program.

I have a rewards member video coming out so hopefully that will clear up a lot of the misconceptions.

Here is another price point lay out for you. Just an FYI for a cheap ass shirt button down using cheap Chinese or Japanese fabric

Fabric $1.95 for fabric x 2.3 yards $4.48
Crap trim $ 1.00
Construction made in the USA at a shit factory $25.00 per shirt
Shipping $5.00 ( you can't get around shipping) Shipping is FOB so taxes, customs and shit like that are added in with my $5.00

Total $35.48
Wholesale at keystone ( key stone is a 2.0 mark up) $70.96
Retail is $141.92 to $175.00

If you see a button down shirt under $100.00 made in America run. I don't think it's possible at retail, unless a brand is vertical.

This is why, I do, what I do in a nutshell. WvG offers killer fabric and high quality craftsmanship. It's not a bargain brand. It's a obtainable luxury brand.
Any questions you might have I would be more the willing to answer them via email , phone or in person. I would also like to apologize if I confused anyone at any given time with the pre-order system or the rewards program.

WvG News

The denim project is going well. The factory is closed until the 25th of August so right now I am just starring at my jean samples waiting for them to come back from holiday. The jeans are not crazy heavyweight denim nerd jeans. The jeans are made form beautiful wide width goods from Italy. The fabric is actually a real treasure. The bells and whistles will be there from a construction point . The jeans is a 5 pocket button fly slim straight leg.

Tees- I still have a shit load left after selling a record amount in one day. WvG sold close to 300 tees on Tuesday. Thank you so much for the support.

Undies - these bad boys aren't cheap but will boast- 175 gram bamboo sorona with a covered waist band. It will have a flat lock stitch in certain areas. No labels will be on the inside just silk screening. Testers, if you want you can now talk about the undies. The X-Factory date in 9/4/2014.
This means I should receive them by 9/10/2014. After I receive them of to the photographer and into a newsletter. I am not sure there will be video for these.

You should receive another newsletter this Tuesday. It will be for a couple shirts and for the starting of pre-ordering for fall and all the rules and stuff involved so we can keep things flowing smoothly.






Mauro, this is the best thing i've read from any brand owner, ever. Makes me really glad to be a member. Such honesty. Really excited for where the brand is, and where its heading. Funds are tight as I'm saving for a trip, but i'm making WvG my goto for causal wear henceforth.


And what for its worth, I think your prices are totally fair. Nice clothes are expensive, simply put. Nothing wrong with that. People shouldn't mind the premium. I'd rather have one great shirt, than 5 shit ones.

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Ready for an almost entirely SF (first) date night: OS Alpha jacket (NMWA), railroad stripe chambray (WvG), Big John off-white denim and Buttero kicks (both NMWA).
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Originally Posted by lawyerdad View Post


Ready for an almost entirely SF (first) date night: OS Alpha jacket (NMWA), railroad stripe chambray (WvG), Big John off-white denim and Buttero kicks (both NMWA).

Did you get laid?
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

Did you get laid?


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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

Did you get laid?

Is that part of the "rewards" membership? 

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Originally Posted by falathar View Post

Is that part of the "rewards" membership? 

Only during your birthday month.
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I found whale socks today at Target. I am excited to wear them with the whale shirt whenever Mauro releases it. WvG is quickly becoming my go to brand if im looking for something interesting. 

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^ Add a whale thong and you are set.
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Originally Posted by onijo84 View Post

^ Add a whale thong and you are set.

Any chance of a MTM Whale thong Mauro? Ill make sure to email you my measurements.

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