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He's wearing a 32. He mentioned that he would potentially size down in these. I'm typically a 32 and while it fit me well, I'd probably go up to a 33 as the fly was pulling a bit.
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It's probably been discussed but I'm too lazy to search. What's the pricepoint going to Be on the chino
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Under 2 bills if I recall correctly.
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thanks. that's what i remember too, but i've lost track so many times on certain things.
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Depending on how everything play out around 175.00 to 185.00

The buttons are real horn
The pocket bags and piping are a heavy weight twill. These pocket bags mean business.
YKK zippers ( made in the US)
8.5 oz twill good for all year around the overdye adds some weight and softness.


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Originally Posted by james nicolas View Post
might be old news, but there was a small write up in the san jose mercury news a couple days ago
link here:

Good looking out man! I just posted that on our Facebook page!
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Buttons are ordered for the "before dinner shirt " and " after dinner shirt".
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^ that's exciting. I can't wait to see the upcoming run of shirts.
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there will be 6 solid colors to choose from the in april we will try to have some prints and a couple new colors to choose from in solid.

We are thinking for now

a cool shade of red
a cool green
a plum of some sort
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I would do a solid blue oxford since you are going to be doing white and black. Perfect basics that everyone needs...
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something in the saffron family?
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Originally Posted by justtemple View Post
something in the saffron family?

do you plan on cooking with your shirt or wearing it?
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would buy one to wear and one to make rice for paella with.
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Good choice and saffron can get pricey...Now I want Spanish food all of a sudden!
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lol I was just thinking the same thing!
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