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need that navy floral (but with a non-buttondown collar... redface.gif )
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FML missed the khaki and skeletons lol.
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^ haha the two things i picked up XD (skeleton and khaki floral). Kind of upset with myself that I didn't jump on the moto samurai. ffffuuuu.gif
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How tight are the Henleys? I am tempted to buy one but am pretty skinny, not sure it will look great... That tobacco color is crazy nice though

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So wait just to confirm everything that is sold out is done?
Thought mauro would be making another run of the chambray bicycle.
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So if I read description correctly, size the lounge pant 2.0 same as the first lounge pant?
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Originally Posted by Blackmaged View Post

need that navy floral (but with a non-buttondown collar... redface.gif )

I can make that happen.

All the Chambray's will be made again. They will be ready towards the end of Feb or early March.

I will speck out the lounge pants so everyone doesn't go crazy trying to figure out their size. I still believe you should know your actual pant waist size. It amazes me how many people think they are a certain size when in fact they are not.
I am happy you guys are enjoying the prints and have a lot more coming out.


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Cool stuff.

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so tempted to get a marled hoodie, and then have a sweat suit with the lounge 2.0 pants. jeeeeeez.

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Do it ... I rock the full sweat suit lol feels like men's juicy coutoure hahaha

Lounge pants 2.0 are amazing

Also props to Mauro on that blue tropical print. EG has same fabric
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Wow, I slept on those prints from part 2 of the newsletter because I wanted them all and couldn't make up my mind. Every single one is sold out in my size less than 24 hours later, holy shit, you guys are fast. 

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Originally Posted by autoantonym View Post

I have to admit, I'm really confused about how everything works now. (This is only my third round as a loyalty member) Was there no pre-order for the spring fabrics or chambrays? Last time, fabric swatches were sent out and we had several days to pre-order and specify our size. As far as I can tell, none of the spring 14 shirts are offered in a Monkey Arms XS. It's pretty frustrating as a loyalty member to see a bunch of cool fabrics hit the site without the opportunity to participate. Are pre-orders still a thing? I feel like there's been a different process with every newsletter since I joined. Only asking here instead of email in case anyone else is experiencing the same thing. 

I apologize for any confusion. Please email if you want.

I would like to clear a couple issues up so people are all on the same page.
Starting the first Tuesday in February there will be two newsletters a month. The newsletters will drop the first Tuesday of the month at 3pm EST and the last Tuesday of the month at 3pm.
If for some reason a 3 third newsletter needs to be released you will receive advanced notice in the first Tuesdays newsletter.

Pre-orders and Special orders-

There is a difference between the two. Pre-orders are for stock goods with no modifications. Special orders allow for almost and modification you would like if those request can't be met with in the patterns you will have to use MTM. The SPECIAL orders this month are Panda's, jets, and bikes. The pre-order is the floral, moto samurai, edo animals, etc....
It was MY FAULT for not making a clear distinction. Every month there will be pre-orders and special orders. This way the system will allow you to get your shirt is a reasonable amount of time. This works for bottoms too.

I don't want to pass blame but I am a one man show for the most part with a lot of to juggle. I have over 600 rewards members and a lot our new. I am still figuring out what sizes to allot what to. Once I get this figured out it will be easier on everyone but there will be times when a shirt , tie, suit you might want will sell out. I can't help that.

My goal is to get another 600 rewards members this way I can hire two full time people and a couple part times. The system in place will make sure that the customer service is outstanding and you have a better chance of securing you the chance to get the products you want. I am a made to order company for the most part. I can't afford to sit on product with the rewards program. Please understand I am trying my best to give you TOP quality product at a kick ass price in a fair amount of time.
Even with research I don't know what shirts will sell better than others. So if you miss out on something don't get pissed. There will be something else you will find from me that you will enjoy just as much.
I appreciate everyone's support and look forward to getting more rewards members.


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i can't wait for the outrage when a newsletter drops at 3:12PM
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Originally Posted by DarkDestiny View Post

It's like 5PM in Mauro's time. Not sure anymore if the newsletter will be coming today.
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Originally Posted by lawyerdad View Post



Already got bammed when the Aloha in my size ran out because I went out instead of waiting :(

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