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Such a bad time of year, have no money, oh well, will kop anyways.
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that's the spirit!
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If i wasn't covered on hoodies and beanies already I'd be totally down. I'm definitely in for a flannel or two though.
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

Wolf vs Goat now offers gift cards! The gift cards can be used with your "reward code" or any other code because it's a form of payment. The gift cards will go live this week.



Gift cards are a great idea. 

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I rather like this new, dare I say Gustin-like, approach to this round of flannels. It could be a good model for fabrics that are only available in limited quantities, have a higher price point, &c.
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I like the Gustin model but my website is not set up for that and I have people that actually buy things at retail. I might change it so that I do a monthly special for reward members only. This way you always have something you can opt in or out of and then just put the rest on the web and it reward members want that they just use their code.
We are doing the final tests on the gift cards now.
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Hi Mauro,  I have heard some great things about your clothes and just checked out your website.  I am one of those guys who is between a medium and large.  175 and 5'09 with a semi muscular build.  Pants are usually 31-32(prefer slim fit) and shirts in most brands a medium but brands like Individualized a large.  Any sizing advice you or any other member can give would be great.  I did look at the sizing charts just looking for personal opinions.

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based on the sizing chart where do you fall?
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I measure large in the chest and everything else a medium.   Pants like Incotex and PT01 I take an Italian 48.  I should be able to swing a smaller size but I take the 48 and get them tailored.  Any help is appreciated.

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probably medium AD
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^Good call, I think Mauro has similar dimensions and wears M AD/ L BD
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I can't possibly see how BD cut would be flattering on someone 5'9, 175lb who is not self-proclaimed as very built.
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Thank you for the help guys! Many of the items I am interested in are sold out.  Do things get restocked on a regular basis?

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Newsletter day!
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Rocking WvG at the office today:


Military Green Cap & Panda Camo



I have my suit from WvG done from the tailor this Saturday!  I'll upload with fit photos when I get it.

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