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Originally Posted by 510kut View Post

newsletter just went out.

I picked up the mocha pants.

PS the joker is great I'd have that too if it were in my size.

Snagged mocha and brown plaid myself, can't wait.

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Damn, that delayed rollout shog[1].gif
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Wine After Dinner Mediums. ARE THEY COMING BACK!

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Any loyalty members that didn't receive a newsletter please let me know. The belts and the old trousers are what's featured. I would also like to add the lounge pant will be coming in about one week so picking up the belt belt to match the pant is a no brainer. I only made 70 pair of the pants and 24 are spoken for buy stockist. I use to live in the sweat knickers now it's the lounge pant.

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Are the henleys still dropping on Tuesday?
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They will be here but won't go out for a week. I need better pictures and would like them to launch with the Eskimo shirt and the lounge pants.
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Eskimo shirt??? tell us more...
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Like this?


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Originally Posted by ryosuke View Post

You guys are fast, the wine in BD Small are all already sold out! Missed out...

Ahh me too. Good price for me to try out the shirts before committing to the Tote.
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Speaking of totes: when i used it at the supermarket, the cashier said it was "the best bag I've ever seen." icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Mauro, what is the ETA on the pique fleece pants?  Those things were amazing when I tried on the sample and I want them.

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The lounge pant ships to me November 1st. I already have pictures of them. I just need to throw up the numbers for the size chart. I wear mine almost everyday. The reason being not only are they comfortable but I also want to see how they stand up and I can say with certainty they are pretty amazing. Retail is around $200.00

I will have Eggplant and lavender over dyes going on sale next as well. They will be $55.00 just like the wine. Both the lavender and the eggplant are awesome colors I think they will sell just as fast so be ready.



PS- That is the fabric for the shirt. Gitman used plastic buttons. I am using the same fabric and real horn buttons.
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That's cool. Eggplant could be my favorite of the overdyes.
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Ah lounge pants = pique fleece pant.  I see.

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want so bad ... if only i can justify wearing to work as bus cas lol
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