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haha nah last time i was over at his place i forgot my sunglasses frown.gif
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You may buy the funfetti over the web. I will have the new sizes up soon. Pierce stop by this afternoon. You might actually look good in the funfetti.

New newsletter will be out in a couple weeks.

I have finally approved the tees so they will be out in a month, short and long sleeve.
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Thanks for the quick responses. I really appreciate it. I will probably go with the before dinner fit in a Large large. My Epaulet shirts in a L are slim but no where near tight.Also, I skip on the Monkey arms though, for my height I have really short arms.

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RKD I look good with the funfetti so you would look good in the funfetti
Source: I am also asian
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lol yeah i got it today

im always fearful of yellow but mauro made a good case for it ... the fact that the yellow is just a base is fine and all the other colors complement and really pop so my yellowness isnt an issue overall smile.gif
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Fit pic.
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Red anchor picnic shirt
Chambray bloodline trousers ( didn't have time to hem)
Happy socks
WvG cotton bamboo undies
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

WvG cotton bamboo undies

Mauro always has trouble posting pictures, so thought I'd help
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wolf vs goat
allen edmonds

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Ben give me a call when you .
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I can't believe that only one person participated in my Independence Day contest. Looks like he will be getting a free shirt. That was easy for him, lol.
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I am camera shy shog[1].gif
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Wanted to enter the contest but dots are still in transit and didn't want to keep posting myself in my plumfetti....

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Didn't even know there was a fit contest!
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same --  not sure where that contest was advertised.  anyways, was wearing red, white, and blue yesterday with the royal blue gingham shirt as the white and blue, and my oak street cherry cavalier oxfords as the red.  that gingham shirt is my favorite -- the tencel is so good...

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