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The New Official Wolf vs. Goat Thread  

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This is the official Wolf vs. Goat thread, please post all WvG related pictures/questions/and comments here!!!
Wolf vs. Goat is the culmination of over twelve years of experience in the fashion industry by designer and Farinelli's store-owner Mauro Farinelli. Mauro designs the line with his longtime girlfriend, Heather Karpoff, who has several years of experience in the fashion industry under her belt as well. The line is named after Mauro (Wolf) and Heather's (The Goat's) pet names for one another. The label pays strict attention to high fabric quality and construction, as well as small details that make each garment unique (hand-lathed mother of pearl buttons, hidden doobie pockets, etc.). Wolf vs. Goat buttondown shirts come in two fits: the Before Dinner Shirt, a slim-fitting, tailored shirt, and the After Dinner Shirt, a regular fitting shirt. Regardless of cut, all shirts feature hand-lathed mother of pearl buttons, single-needle stitching which is masterfully done, a hidden "doobie pocket" on the inside of the shirt, and are made in the U.S.A.
All Wolf vs. Goat items can be found here at!
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Here are some more pics (including pics of the plaid shirts)

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Originally Posted by grundletaint View Post
what are you guys thinking you'll wear on top with these pants? i'm so denim-fu'd right now i can't even picture what could be done with another pair of pants. what about footwear?
seriously these pants are really cool. Not trying to sound like I'm shilling for Mauro but these things have a lot of versatility and are so easy to wear. today I'm wearing em, with the orange WvG shirt and a brown vneck jumper. Denim jacket again (this time Lee instead of Levis)..I have so many denim jackets that it's nice to have found the perfect pant to wear with em and not always rock the texas tuxedo. But it's a perfect pant to wear with just a tshirt when it's warmer, right now it looks great with a flannel, or regular buttondown. I also plan to wear it with a Flathead wabash denim shirt, since that shirt is impossible to wear with jeans without looking like Dr Denim. shoes....I can't think of wearing these with anything but boots, and with the plethora of fools buying Red Wings lately these pair with RWs like macaroni with cheese. I can also see some kind of All-star style sneaker looking good with these.
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damn those models.

That definition of Cotton duck is weak.

The weave is also a plain weave apposed to a diagonal weave such as twill, denim.
The yarn may be dyed in a bunch of ways. fiber, rope..etc

The diagaonl effct from twill is made by one weft yarn passing over 2 or more warp yarns.
In a plain weave its a simple criss- cross of one weft yarn passing over one warp yarn or in my case 2x2 ( which gives you a stronger yarn)
The weight of the canvas and weave have a lot to do with what you might want to use your duck cotton for and what it's restrictions are.
This is a 10oz which in most case seems to weight of choice by the clothing industry.
Treatments applies to the canvas also can have effects on what the cloth s good for as well.
I.e. water repellent, oil...etc

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Mauro rockin' the work pant

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Wolf vs. Goat Dandy Pant:
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Wolf vs. Goat Pea Coat:
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Get Smart's pics should be used for the dandy pant. Wayyy better than the one that is on the site right now.
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yeah the pics look great ... hopefully get smart wasnt that hot in the peacoats haha looks too nice out wherever yall are at
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It was in the low 60s today. Probably could have worn that without being too hot.
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I made a new thread. Try to keep it on topic, people. It's work for me.
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Did you lock the old one?
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I think this is the original thread, just with almost everything non-product-picture related deleted.
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Yeah - I got rid of all the crap. You guys don't have to like a product, but please be aware that the affiliates allow you guys a place to discuss fashion and style, so if you feel like bitching about an affiliate or shit talk in general, it would be courteous to do so on one of the 1 billion other shit talking threads.

On a related note, I have a lot to do today, which means that anyone who creates any situation that I have to deal with is going to earn themselves a bit of a break. Pass it on.
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