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Originally Posted by MrDaniels
All of this advice is excellent-but let's not make the kid too nervous: We don't want him to worry that he is going into these interviews looking like The Shaggy DA; the fact is he already is better put-together than at least 80% of the recent graduates I see walking around [. . .]

Of course you are correct. However, for each position, there is one opening, and dress could conceivably make the difference between being #1 and #2. There could be 2,000 applicants, and the difference between #1 and #2 is still awfully broad.

Aside from that, of course, is the fact that he wants his suit to fit as well as it can. Naturally you're not addressing this, but I'm weaving it in anyway because it's a realistic result of acquiring a beautiful suit.
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Originally Posted by Jovan
I think the trouser cuffs look not well done... but maybe some pressing would help. I agree with all of the above points. It's probably obvious but... fasten that middle button!

I'm pretty sure that this is pre-alterations so the trouser cuffs haven't been done yet. It looks like he just folded them up so that the extra material is not dragging on the floor.
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Thanks everyone,

What I gather is that the suit:

1. Should be taken in at the sides.

2. Should have the sleeves lengthened slightly.

3. Should have the arm material lessened some, possibly.

4. Should have had the middle button buttoned (what was I thinking?)

The shoes are eight year old doc martins that I will not wear for an interview. I do not have my interview shoes yet, but am looking to get AE Park Avenues in black.

Now about the fit, should the material in the back fall smoothly throughout or are those wrinkles a normal part of a suit? Same with the arms.

Also, at the "V" of the lapel the suit pops out a little bit. Is that normal? It kind of gives me a stomach where I do not have one. Will taking it in at the side correct that?

I do have uneven shoulders (hockey injury--always wanted to say that), but they would not look that bad if I had the suit properly buttoned. I also have long arms for my height and it is hard to find a shirt that has an appropriate sleeve length because of my build. I agree with whomever made the comment that the shirt sleeves are too long making the jacket seem even shorter.

I've never used a tailor before. I'm still not certain i will keep this suit but if I decide to I will post pictures after alterations are made for a final critique.


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Try and get your interview shoes before you go to the tailor. Those Doc Martins are so thick-soled that it actually could make a diffrence when they tailor the pants.
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I think that you should keep the suit, but you need the following alterations: 1. You need a pad in the shoulder of the side where you are low. It is not the ideal fix (cutting for that shoulder is), but it will give an excellent result and you will lose the collapse that you see in the picture of the back on that side. If you button the suit, you will see a similar collapse on that side which will also go away. 2. Sleeves need to be lengthened. 3. Waist sides should come in a touch, but the first fix will eliminate all of the extra fabric that you see as the side will drape better and fall straighter. 4. Collar will likely need to be lowered a little to get rid of some of the extra fabric above the shoulders but below the collar. Overall, it will be a really good looking suit.
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