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The khaki suit

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The khaki suit--what do you guys think? I'm thinking about picking one up. Classic American look.
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Classic. I'd go for a cotton-cashmere blend. Ben Silver had one from Acquastum (Sp?) last spring. Looks great with brown and white spectators or tan brouges.
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I have a great khaki, linen suit. The best part is I wear the pants and jacket separate. It makes a very nice look for spring/summer functions. I'd go for it.
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DO IT. Khaki suits are great for the Spring and Summer. They don't draw as much heat as they do good attention. Man, just typing this makes me hope for warmer months and an occasion to put it on.
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Originally posted by Montecristo#4:
The khaki suit--what do you guys think?
Definitely pick one up, I have about 4 for the warmer weather. If you can find it, (I may get some flak from Spalla here ) a suit made of Loro Piana's Super 120s Summer Greens would be perfect (the exterior fabric is khaki, while the interior would be either olive, red, purple.). The overall effect is khaki, except when you move when you see hints of the underlying colour come thru.
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I might get one in a lighter color than khaki, something like stone. I don't want to look too yellow. Hell, my skin's yellow enough as it is Unfortunately the tailor here hasn't received any new spring/summer fabrics yet, so I'm going to have to wait until April-ish to see if Cheil managed to get any new stuff out. He did show me some linen-wool blends and mohair, but I wasn't all too impressed.
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Last summer I went to Brooks Brothers to buy a poplin suit and was told that my jacket/pant size differential was too great (46L jacket/36 waist pant). The salesman said the pants -- which were probably a 40 or 42 -- couldn't be tailored to fit me because of the fabric. I was confused, since I've never had any difficulty with wool suits Does this make any sense?
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I love my khaki suit. I've got one in super 150s wool/cashmere that is very light and cool, and looks great. I've got a lightweight taupe and light olive suit that are also great for Summer. Go for it.
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t4phage, those fabrics sound amazing. i'd love to see one. alias, there are different shades of khaki. i usually don't like the color because it's too yellow and my #1 rule of fashion is "never wear yellow." i'd prefer something closer to off-white myself. dpdnyc, most suits have a 6" drop. some have a 5" and some have a 7", but i've never seen a ready-to-wear suit with a 10" drop. perhaps you need to find some suit separates. even then, with those measurements the jacket will probably be baggy in the waist.
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Do black shoes work with a khaki suit? I saw a great tropical wool Canali one this weekend.
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Most people seem to do brown or oxblood with khaki, but the military khaki uniforms have always looked right with black leather. It would be a much more formal look, but I don't see anything wrong with it. With a cotton suit I don't think I'd do it as it's a lot more casual in general, but I still don't think it's really against any rules.
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I think this is true. With wool either works but black is a bit more formal
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Just remember that a khaki suit is supposed to keep one cool (not necessarily, but usually) so wearing black shoes defeats this purpose. (Especially if they have steel toes to conduct the heat right to one's toes.) I'd say light brown. Maybe forgo the shoes in a more relaxed office....
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