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You should pay full MSRP at a store like NM. What opportunity cost have u wasted in this thread? Apparently not a lot.........
I will continue to buy at GVH.
Thanks for reminding me to buy at GVH.

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Originally Posted by texas_jack View Post
Please, that's happened with Sierra Tradingpost too. I bought an Isaia suit. I was sent just the jacket. They then told me they didn't have the pants, please send back the jacket.

Thats because you didnt specify office pants in the order. Pretty funny though, I can imagine the look on your face when you opened the package and 1/2 your shit was there
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Everyone makes mistakes. I will continue to buy from them based on 1) their excellent customer service if a mistake does occur and 2) their hassle free return policy.
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I sympathize with the OP. But in his case, its truly an overreaction based on the value of the item. How many times have you encountered an amazing item worth many times more on retail and spend countless hours/days researching before placing an order, then next day you get an e-mail saying: "sorry your order have been canceled, the item is out of stock or item doesn't match".

I've seen many cases were people are getting sued for damages and EMOTIONAL distress caused and they win a few million jackpot lawsuit.

It's hard to quantify the OP emotions, but certainly shouldn't be neglected as if it didn't happen in first place. Mistakes happens once in while, but hopefully not too often.

just my 0.50 cent
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I bought a pair of shoes from GVH last spring only to find they were discounted further a couple of days later. I sent them a note asking if it was possible to apply the discount to my shoes, and they graciously did so. I would have understood completely if they didn't, but I was very happy that they did. I've bought several pairs of shoes from them since then.
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So whatever happened to GVH?
Their site is dead and their ebay shop is gone.

It had been a while since they had any decent Ralph shoes but I still have fond memories of the feeding frenzy glory days.
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Closed for good
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I picked up several great pairs of high-end RL shoes from them back in the day at bargain prices. They'll be missed.
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GVH owner decided to make the shop more exclusive. Only selling shoes now to uber iGent with 5,000+ posts
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